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AFC Iced Peanut Apricot Cream


WORLD’S BEST TASTING ICED CREAM! No added sugar in case you wonder where the sugar is in the recipe. It’s already in the other ingredients, no need to add more. If you’re allergic to peanuts, try another iced cream; I’ve got plenty of them! Take a peek: AFC FROZEN DESSERTS, AFC TEST KITCHEN ICED DESSERTS,

Makes 3-3/4 cups cream before freezing

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Blueberry Coriander Buckwheat Muffin Cake










AFC Open-Face Artichoke Chili Kaiser Rolls


SWEET CHILI. That’s what Steve always says he wants. No heat except lots of black pepper. He’s that kind of guy – black pepper with everything and lots of it!

This chili smokes without the heat!! Yeah, we upscaled this simple chili, adding a French Italian Scottish twinge just to excite the Spanish! The German part is the ride! You know, the boat! Substitute the English Muffin if you like! Both work great!

Makes 6 cups

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AFC Smoked Almond Cherry Spread


Fresh cherries, dairy free cream cheese, smoked almonds, Dijon mustard, Kalamata olives with saffron, or not, make this simply prepared spread look and taste more sophisticated and complex than it is! Why not impress somebody tonight? I am.

Steve says, “Remarkable; it’s like an exquisite ham salad with a delicious sweetness. I’d say it’s a home run”.

Makes 4-1/2 cups

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AFC Neapolitan Ice-Cream


My father’s favorite ice-cream, Neapolitan three flavors in one carton. Well, I made an animal-free Neapolitan all rolled into one. I didn’t keep the flavors separate. But it tastes the same to me. The memory of Neapolitan gets activated when I eat it. Maybe some day I’ll figure out how to do layers. I’m not even sure if they still do them. This one’s for you Dad!! With hugs and kisses on top!!

Makes 3 cups

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AFC Asparagus Gold Soup

AFC Ginger Gold Chew Cupcakes


Golden raisins, crystallized ginger, sliced almonds, smoky soy protein, bananas mixed with oats, flour, flax, sugar brown & white, coriander, turmeric, powder gums and apple cider vinegar. Topped with brown sugar and baked to rise to new heights in culinary diet fare!

Except for the sliced almonds, no fat. Sugar content is low in comparison to most baked goods, offsetting the glycemic index with the apple cider vinegar added protein and complex carbs.

One muffin is a meal!

Right out of the oven you think you’re eating a caramelized butter cake with pockets of soft banana contrasted with crispy coriander sugared dough. Later the melt is muted, exposing all the textures and flavors!

No need for margarine or spreads!

Makes 12 cupcakes and 1, 8 inch round cake

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AFC Blueberry Pumpkin Chew Cupcakes

Blueberry Pumpkin Chew Cupcakes

Okay, now that you’ve been introduced to the chew in previous recipes, we’re going to take this deeper into chew territory where the chew gets tougher.

This is a dense pudding chew. Different yes. Delightful yes. Filling, satisfying. Whipped plant cream anyone? Company coming? Yes.

Right from the oven, still warm, equals a Native Indian pudding chew. Room temperature, several hours later, and the tough emerges triumphant.

Serve with dipping sauces: Grade A maple syrup or Smokey Orange Marmalade Syrup. Top with plant whip cream, sprinkle with chopped cilantro and Walk On Water!

Or, eat that TOUGH all by itself. Cold. Hint of cigar, believe it or not!

Makes 12 plus 1 custard cup

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AFC Blueberry Walnut Chew Cupcakes


AFC Blueberry Walnut Chew Cupcakes

These styled cupcakes are all about the chew. Yes, they’re heavier than what you’re accustomed to – mostly air – and mostly air tastes good. These are different. Not your run of the mill cupcake. These have distinction on their side and something else no other cupcake possesses: A Chew. Yes. It’s all about the Chew. It’s all in the Chew. The Chew is where it’s at.

A new Chew via a different texture. Not the same as old. Better. The Chew Cupcake is superior.

Soft, warm mouth-feel even when they’re chilled.

Cupcake Supremacy. Yes. No doubt The Chew Cupcake is superior to all cupcakes.

Makes 18 cupcakes

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AFC Fruit And Nut Chocolate Chew Cupcakes


Before taste-testing I only had one question for Steve. Muffin or cupcake? What do you think? Upon tasting he said, “a muffcake”. Half muffin half cake. Later I changed it to chew cakes – that was the distinguishing feature.

Not a pudding cake, not an air-stuffed bakery bought cake. Homemade, dry enough, moist enough, dense enough, flavorful enough, whereby you don’t taste the flour, crispy enough. Buckwheat adds something; I just don’t know what – yet!

Steve added, “and P.S. it tastes great.” Steve already warned me to put his ChewCakes aside for today’s game as the Browns take on the undefeated Patriots at Foxboro!

On his way out to the grocery store I hollered to him, “you better get some Tofutti cream cheese to have with them”.

Makes 12 cupcakes

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AFC Orange Pecan Corn Chew Cupcakes


For some time now I wanted to add a corn bread chew cupcake to my collection. Seeings though I’m not fond of the strong maize flavor of corn meal I decided to use real corn – in a can – that doesn’t have that strong maize flavor.

And this is the result: an orange pecan corn chew cake with coriander, tarragon, smoke, allspice and extra virgin olive oil! Yes, Steve likes them – “Those cupcakes are good, really good; that’s a nice chew, very nice chew!”

Makes 15 chew cupcakes

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AFC Stroganoff



AFC Mexican Tofu Rice



AFC Red Velvet Cranberry Oat Pie


Old Fashioned Oats, a little Tapioca, beet root powder, cocoa, cranberries and coriander! Versatile meal pie – breakfast, lunch, after dinner, midnight snack!

Serves 8 or more

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AFC Plant Pepperoni Sauce


For subs, pasta or muffin/bun pizzas. A simple, thick tomato sauce with Italian seasonings and Pepperoni Crumble! If serving with pasta it’s best to use penne or elbow, shell or bow tie macaroni. If you want more liquid add more tomato product or tomato juice. Due to the thickness it does not work well over spaghetti type pasta. This is a hearty sauce. It also works well as taco meat and sauce combined. You’ll like it! We love it!

Makes 6 cups

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Smart Life Jumbo Hot Dogs cooked briefly in extra virgin olive oil with oregano, smoked paprika and ADOBO seasoning. Served in a SUPERIOR BUN with Daiya Blue Cheeze Dressing, sauteed onion and mustard! A different slant on a traditional favorite wins the game!

Makes as many as you want

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AFC Caramelized Comice Pear Pudding


It’s difficult to cook pears and have them taste like pears, since the flavors are so subtle. We add just enough flavoring and seasoning to let you know the pear was not lost in the cooking of it. Yes. That is noteworthy! Serve alone, warm or chilled with or without whip topping!

Serves 6

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Pineapple Pecan Date Pie


Fresh pineapple, pecans and dried date filling with brown sugar, orange, spice and smoke. In a gingersnap cookie pie crust! Chilled and topped with dairy free whip topping!

Makes almost 5 cups filling for 9 inch pie

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Steam-Baked Sweet Potatoes – GOAT


Sweet potatoes steam-baked to perfection! Topped with an animal-free Bleu Cheese Yogurt Dressing, Fruit and Nut Crumble and fresh cilantro chop!

2 servings per potato

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AFC Raisin Pecan Rice


This versatile rice can take the place of mashed potatoes and gravy, or bread stuffing and can even be served as a hot cereal with nut milk, I preferred a cashew yogurt beverage over mine.

The rice and accompanying gravy are sweet, but not too sweet. Just right. Upon first tasting right from the stove I thought wow this is like caramel-flavored raisin pecan rice. You might have thought it was dripping with butter.

The SMOKY FRUIT SAUCE can also be used over cake or dairy-free ice-cream!

The JUMBO SUN-MAID RAISINS are multi-colored and more sophisticated in flavor and texture than regular raisins – an added treat for a holiday dish!

Serve plain with the sauce, or top your favorite pan-fried plant sausage – patties or links!

Makes 10 cups rice, 2-1/2 cups sauce

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AFC Sweet And Sour Beets And Cabbage

Sauteed red cabbage and celery plus vacuumed packed whole beets seasoned with garlic and coriander, steeped in an apple cider and Balsamic glaze with Black Garlic Sauce, tarragon and smoke! Serve alone as a side dish with lots of fresh cilantro garnish, or add a Turmeric Tofu Topping to make it more festive and protein enhanced! You decide!

Makes 5 cups

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AFC Caramelized Cabbage And Apple

Green cabbage squares, sweet McIntosh apple (keep the peels on) and yellow onion caramelized with nothing more than a little oil, salt and pepper. The slow cook makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Serve as a side dish or add to a gravy and ladle over garlic mashed potatoes!

Keeping it simple!

Makes 3 cups

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AFC Escarole Sprout And Soy Chicken Bowl -GOAT


Delight Soy Chicken with fresh bean sprout and escarole steeped in a red onion, celery and carrot broth. Seasoned with garlic, coriander and tarragon with a breath of heat! Served over Coriander Rice and topped with fresh cilantro! ‘Out of the park’ says Steve!

Makes 10-1/2 cups soup & 6-3/4 cup rice

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AFC Tater Tot Tomato Salad


If you want to be the talk of the gathering, bring this dish. If you want to make more festive the occasion, serve this dish! Family and guests will think it’s fried chicken or shrimp salad!

What’s easier, baking some tater tots or peeling, boiling, cutting and cooling potatoes? You don’t have to give up on the traditional, but what’s wrong with trying a different potato version? Everything is right with it!!

Makes 5 cupsserving size 1/2 cup

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AFC Stir-Fried Sprout And Spaghetti


Cooked thin spaghetti tossed with garlic, sugar and soy sauce. Tossed with a stir-fry of fresh celery, cabbage, onion, carrot matchsticks and mung bean sprout. Seasoned with garlic, smoke and fresh cilantro. Served from the skillet with a green scallion garnish! Simple, delicious, satisfying – even cold!

Serves 6

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AFC Collaborative Tomato Sauce


A collaborative effort on Steve’s birthday. He selected the ingredients; I made the dish. Pasta sauce with all our favorite ingredients over thin spaghetti, topped with pan-fried Portobella mushroom. Drizzle with Truffle oil and sprinkle with plant parmesan cheese shreds! Extra toppers included fresh basil and daiya blue cheeze dressing!

Taste The Fragrance!!

Serves 4-6 pasta servings; Makes 5-3/4 cups sauce

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AFC Mushroom Chardonnay Pate


For Steve’s birthday I said I’d make anything he wanted – his own private stash all to himself. It didn’t take long to respond. MUSHROOM PATE! Then Mushroom Pate it was! He ate it plain, on sliced baguette, and even on a toasted ciabatta bun with pickle, mustard and sliced ripe, juicy tomato!

Next time make more!

Makes 1-3/4 cups

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AFC Italian French Onion Soup


Two world cuisines beautifully groomed for animal-free! What makes Italian, Italian and French, French emerges with little effort in a soup that longs for nothing except to be eaten! Moans of pleasure from Steve!

Makes approx. 14 cups

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AFC Sausage And French Toast Sliders


Pan-fried GIMME LEAN breakfast sausage served between toasted whole wheat bread, then French toasted. Drizzled with Smoky Orange Marmalade Syrup! Great brunch/breakfast dish!

Makes 14 single sliders (serving size 2-4)

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AFC Green Cabbage Chili


Three bean chili with sauteed cabbage, pepper and onion, and homemade smoky plant protein mix. Mildly seasoned with coriander, curry, cumin and garlic in a tomato base pumpkin sauce! Just in time for Fall!

Makes 15 cups

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There’s a Veg*n In Every Family

 The shortened word Veg*n stands for either Vegetarian or Vegan



Rejoice when a family member or friend shows the courage to come out of the Veg*n closet, that society through its conformance to tradition and prejudice tries to keep them in. Be proud of your family member or friend. Choose not to participate in family and peer pressure that shames or ridicules or makes them feel unloved for expressing their views against prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, through their actions of living more compassionately by refusing to exploit non-human animals for food, clothing, experimentation, sport and entertainment.

Tell them you support their decision to follow their conscience, that it’s a sign of strength of character to live the life one believes is right. Ask them questions without allowing the conversation to escalate into an argument.

Since an estimated 150 billion animals are slaughtered every year by the meat, dairy and egg industries, around the world for our plate, not including marine life, and the billions of others enslaved, tortured and slaughtered for other purposes, the most common first step when somebody wakes up to the reality of the holocaust against the animals is changing the food configuration on that plate.

Ever notice how everything we do centers around food? Everything. Family gatherings, going out to eat, going to the movies, to the mall, on vacation, weddings, showers, parties, picnics, every holiday, ball games, sitting around watching T.V., even business meetings. The food is always at the center; it’s what’s on people’s minds. So, of course the first step in helping the animals is looking at how many of them we consume and how often.


A father once yelled at me, “my wife doesn’t know what to feed my daughter!” She had recently become a vegan. The daughter should have had a conversation and told them what she could eat and not eat, which might have prevented this father’s panic, so some of that’s on her.

A vegetarian or vegan can’t expect the mother and father to do the research. Be that as it may, that’s why I’m here. I’ve already engineered the recipes I know people will like. And these days it’s so much easier with soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, soy sour and cream cheeses, veggie cheese singles, soy ice-cream, soy mayo, veggie margarine, veggie meats of every kind that can be found in mainstream markets.

However, let me be clear, one does not need soy, veggie nor grain products specifically designed to mimic meat, dairy and eggs. You can be as just as healthy without them. For years I didn’t eat tofu or any other meat or dairy-mimicking product. But the products these days really do taste good, and since they’re not hurting anyone, then why not on occasion enjoy them? Sure they’re more expensive than their animal counterpart, but that’s because they’re relatively new and the market for them hasn’t soared yet. It will. In the meanwhile, you don’t have to have three glasses of alternative milk every day, or a veggie meat with every meal, as is recommended with actual animal products.

Stop worrying if they’ll get enough protein. There’s protein in all plants. The same goes for calcium. Many foods are fortified with it anyway. You don’t have to combine beans and rice in the same meal either. That’s old school thinking. You don’t have to eat animals to get vitamin B-12. Lots of animal-eaters are vitamin B-12 deficient. If you’re concerned, then take a supplement, just like animal-eaters do.


That same father yelled even louder in exasperation, “my wife doesn’t have time to cook something different for everybody in the family!!”

All the recipes I create are designed for everybody in the family to enjoy, using ingredients that ‘mainstream’ families already know and like. Look at the recipes and you’ll see how familiar they really do sound. Try a few. If you still want the baked chicken or roast, then have it along with an animal-free dish. Even if the whole family eats meat, every meal should have an animal-free component.  That doesn’t mean broccoli with butter. If it’s only broccoli, then put animal-free margarine or oil on it, and serve enough so that the vegetarian/vegan can make it a main dish if need be. Spruce it up with fresh tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms and onions. Both broccoli and mushrooms are high in protein.


I actually find it odd that the father yelling about his wife not being able to do this or that, wouldn’t have dared even broach the subject, had his daughter been a diabetic and the Mom had to provide diabetic meals for their daughter. Yeah, they would have done the research and talked to other people to get ideas and share stories about adjustment. So, just as some of the problem lied with the vegan daughter not communicating, it also lied with the parents being resistant, because they didn’t support veganisn – not in their daughter anyway.


Please note, that although I use familiar products, that doesn’t prevent me from trying new food items when they come out on the market. I am continually trying new foods. Just today I went to the grocery store and saw these tiny little round potatoes that looked like big marbles in the produce section. Perfectly formed and all the same size. I just had to have them. The only question was do I buy the red, the Yukon gold or the regular? Now I’m thinking about the recipe I’ll make with them.


Your family member or friend may be veg*n for moral reasons, but they also benefit health-wise by following an animal-free diet, which means the more animal-free meals you consume, the greater health benefit to you too.

Sure, on the nightly news we all hear about certain individuals who smoked, drank and ate a lamb every day of their lives and lived to be a hundred. That’s rare, very rare. I wouldn’t bet on those odds, and neither should you. Besides, the point many vegetarians and vegans are making is that even if they could live to be two hundred years old if they ate a side of beef every day, they wouldn’t, since they’d be depriving another creature of their right to live their life. However, it doesn’t matter why someone becomes veg*n. When they do, it’s up to those around them to accept it. All I know is that it’s the right track to be on no matter what your reason.


Even in the bible, somewhere I read years ago, God told some guy to leave the vegetarians alone. So vegetarianism is by no means new. It’s very, very old. Everybody innately knows what it’s all about; anyone who has ever eaten a fruit or a vegetable or a nut, knows. So just go with it. It’s not hurting you, nor anybody else. It’s harmless. But it’s also helpful – to the health of the individual, the group, the planet, and especially to those procreated for the purpose of enslavement, torture and slaughter.


Tell your vegetarianites, veganites or animal-freers that they’ll have to help with the food preparation in the family. No one expects the entire family to change for one person, but the entire family (or friends) can be respectful. Give him or her one night a week where they make dinner for everybody else, keeping within the family food budget of course. A word of advice: Don’t pick apart the meal, commenting on every little morsel as if you’re dissecting it. You don’t do that when Mom cooks an animal for supper, or when Dad burns the barbecue, so don’t do it when there’s no animal on the table.

Everybody loves sandwiches, so why not start there? Check out Chef’s Animal-Free Sandwich Index. And while you’re there, check out all the other indexes. Each recipe is listed along with a menu description much like you’d see on a restaurant menu, with a link to the actual recipe one of the animal-free food sites.

Portobella Steak Sanwich

There’s nothing scary nor difficult about having a veg*an in the family or as a friend. It’s really all quite simple and can be a lot of fun if you want it to be. Just don’t make a big deal over any of it. It’s a perfectly natural way to be. Your family member, your friend, is normal in that regard.

What’s not normal is an animal eating another animal. It’s cannibalism, whether it’s your species or not. An animal is an animal, and humans are all members of the global animal race. It doesn’t matter at this point that humans have always done it, used by many as justification for continuing to do it. All that shows is that humans have been historically and traditionally deviant as displayed by their actions.


That deviancy is not innate. That deviancy was learned. Your non-flesh eating family member or friend woke up to that fact and decided to follow their conscience and their real nature, rather than history and your animal-abusing traditions. Sorry to have to say this Mom and Pop, but you were wrong. If those animals you so willingly advocate killing for your plate, or for medical research to cure the diseases you get from cannibalizing other animals, or for clothing, glue and a myriad of other products you purchase, or for entertainment purposes, walked on two legs, spoke your language and carried guns, you wouldn’t be so quick to deem them inferior enough to exploit. That’s your prejudice. A prejudice that you glowingly hand down to your children.


Yes, you are deviant. And yes, be happy that the deviancy can be cured, as evidenced by your family member or friend who is showing you that eating flesh is not genetically determined.

sundried tomato sandwich 2

* Click any sandwich picture to go directly to that recipe on CHEF DAVIES-TIGHT.

And, best wishes to you and yours in all your animal-free endeavors!

~ Chef Davies-Tight

Yes, chefs have opinions too. A different slant on everything. Chef Sharon feeds you animal-free delicacies and her view from her kitchen as she experiences life. Chef Sharon develops all her own recipes and all her own views!

Thank you for donating to the continued success of Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef and activist, ARCHITECT OF 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ and MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™.

SHARON shares her work worldwide with no payment or conditions, so all people may have access to the totality of her work via the internet!

Thank you for being part of that dream of accessibility for all!

~ Chef Davies-Tight™

AFC HAM Burger


Using nothing more than LIGHTLIFE TOFU PUPS and LIGHTLIFE GIMME LEAN SAUSGE along with some raw sweet onion, we make the HAM Burger. Love it! So easy too. Tastes like ham to me!

Makes approx. 13, 1/3 cup patties

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AFC Peanut Butter Pineapple Bites


You’ll definitely get feedback on this one. Tastes and textures like baked ham/pork. All animal-free of course! Reconstituted peanut butter, Coriander Pineapple Sauce, chopped crystalized ginger served on a RITZ cracker! It’s the combination of specific ingredients that creates the special effect!

Makes about 2 cups spread

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AFC Roasted Pepper Cheddar Spread


A mild Animal-Free sweet red roasted pepper cheddar spread with just enough texture to impress, while remaining smooth to the tongue. Melt in your mouth luscious. This spread needs no toppings that dairy cheeses need to balance the stink or ease the cheese to the gut. Why? Because it’s made from the willing plant, not the resistant animal! Celebrate the rightness and the goodness!

Makes 5 cups

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AFC 48th Anniversary Sauce


48th ANNIVERSARY SAUCE For Sharon and Steve

A sauce that has defined us forever. We must be Italian! Add the portobella mushroom, animal-free chicken and Meyer’s lemon and it’s an extra special treat. Just what we like and deserve! Fresh herbs and San Marzano tomatoes – Wow! Cauliflower and fresh beefsteak tomatoes too? You betcha!

Serves 4-6

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AFC Barbecue Beans and Baked Tofu


BUSH’S STEAKHOUSE GRILLIN’ BEANS sauteed with onion, pepper, celery and mushroom. Combine with green olives and lemon. topped with baked seasoned tofu cubes and a drizzle of sweet sour salty sauce! So good!

Makes 4 main dishes

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The Animal-Free Chef

“The Most Defiant Warrior Of Them All”

A chef will change the world.

Chefs always change the world. They’re the first ones to your gut. The animal chefs had a go at it – for millennia – and they made the world worse off, not better off. It’s long past time. It’s way over-due.

There will be no negotiations – NONE – no more putting on a back burner, where all it does is simmer till it disappears, that which should have been served first. It’s front and center. The main course, every course, in full view where everybody can see, the prize. It’s standing room only, but you don’t care as long as you get a taste. And you will. That you know.

Now the animal-free chefs get their turn. Now they have a go at it. And yes, stand down, just like we all did when you took the reins and sentenced to the worse hell on earth all creatures large and small for your palate.

Because you were addicted to the blood, you made the blood-seeking part of your addictive lifestyle into the menu.

The menu is mine now. You disrespected the menu by making war with it, against it, by committing the most horrendous war crimes against the most innocent as you smeared the menu with prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. Then you hid the blood, the suffering, and the proof of curdling screams under crafty trusses and sauces meant to deceive, not enlighten.

You all had it your way for way too long and you all contributed to making a mess of the planet. Now God is up. You don’t need a religious God to make the world turn in it’s proper direction, all you need is yourself as your own God. Raise yourself up. Sing praise to you.

I will be on the front lines cooking animal-free and sending the Five Principles to a Better Life – no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter – all over the globe. With God on the side of living and thriving not dying, this battle will be won.

You are no longer God’s child. You ARE God. Ever notice how religions keep saying we’re all children of God, as if God is the parent, and whatever we do, it must be God’s will for us to do? No human parent would raise a child that way. “No matter what you do – Johnny or Mary – know in advance that you have my blessing?”

It’s a bunch of mumble jumble used to keep your mind and soul muddled, so you don’t know what’s up, what’s down, what’s right, what’s wrong, always in the dark of not knowing, so that the animal-abusing industries (including the human-abusing industries), supported by all religions and governments, if not through words, through actions, can control your actions for the so-called benefit of the so-called group, based on their animal-abusing agendas.

The task of switching from animal-based to animal-free cuisine is not too large, nor is it insurmountable. It just appears that way – because of your muddled minds and souls. The world has changed and will continue to change quickly at junctures that appear, seemingly out of nowhere, to facilitate that change, whenever and wherever the gap between life and death is shortened to the point of meaningless life.

We are at the door of the juncture that can change the planet by lengthening the gap between life and death to the point of meaningful life for all who inhabit the planet, instead of a torturous life that leads to slaughter.

The door is open. You don’t have to walk – nor run or close your eyes and hope you float – through it. That door will never close. The opening will only get bigger and bigger and bigger till next thing you know the entire world is on the inside. It’s quick. It’s painless. You’ll wake up in a comfortable place – a place of familiarity – and know that this is the place you’re supposed to be. This where you want to be. Animal-free.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, the Animal-Free Chef

Yes, chefs have opinions too. A different slant on everything. Chef Sharon feeds you animal-free delicacies and her view from her kitchen as she experiences life. Chef Sharon develops all her own recipes and all her own views!

Thank you for donating to the continued success of Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef and activist, ARCHITECT OF 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ and MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™.

SHARON shares her work worldwide with no payment or conditions, so all people may have access to the totality of her work via the internet!

Thank you for being part of that dream of accessibility for all!