Steam-Baked Sweet Potatoes – GOAT


Sweet potatoes steam-baked to perfection! Topped with an animal-free Bleu Cheese Yogurt Dressing, Fruit and Nut Crumble and fresh cilantro chop!

2 servings per potato

Why add water to roasting pan? And then seal the steam in? I’m looking for the perfect texture. And that’s what I found. No strings in these sweet taters! No mush.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

3 lbs. sweet potatoes, scrubbed well

1/2 c. water

Place potatoes in deep baking dish with plenty of space around each one.

Add water to bottom of dish, then cover tightly with foil.

Bake in preheated 400 degree oven one hour or till fork-tender (when long-forked utensil slides in and out of the potato easily).

RESULT: Potato Perfection.

Wow. Prepared and presented simply. Steve’s suggestion: Put it into the GOAT category. I concurred.

Slice each potato in half from end to end. Notice how smooth the cut, like cutting through butter. Peel before serving to make eating it easier. Serve one half per person.


To plain plant yogurt (I used SO DELICIOUS brand) add daiya brand BLUE CHEEZE DRESSING to taste and desired texture.

Add salt, garlic powder and black pepper to taste. Stir well than spoon over sweet potato half.


Then top with chopped fresh cilantro and a few twists fresh grind black pepper.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

Chef Davies-Tight™. The Animal-Free Chef™. ANIMAL-FREE SOUS-CHEF™. FAT-FREE CHEF™. Word Warrior Davies-Tight™. HAPPY WHITE HORSE™. SHARON ON THE NEWS™. BIRTH OF A SEED™. Till now and forever © Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, Artist, Author, Animal-Free Chef, Activist. ARCHITECT of 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ & MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™.

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