Dear Future Animal-Free Chef,

Welcome to the new and exciting world of animal-free cuisine! It is indeed a pleasure to join you! I’ve been developing animal-free recipes since 1972, so I have a lot of recipes and knowledge to share.

My kitchen is animal-free. That is, I use no animals or animal products in my cooking – no FLESH, BLOOD, MILK, EGGS or any part of any animal. I do this out of respect for the animals, whom I believe have as much right to live out their natural lives on earth as I do.

I would not, personally, go out and kill and animal to eat and I don’t expect anybody else to do it for me. By not eating animals I preserve the lives of those living and discourage the procreation of those destined for slaughter.

I fully understand that many of you don’t make the connection between killing a defenseless animal against his/her will and the neatly packaged sanitized piece of meat that you purchase in the supermarket. For most of my [earlier] life neither did I.

However, I believe that having always done something is not necessarily a good reason for continuing to do it, and that we must examine our traditions and the ways in which those traditions inflict pain and suffering upon other creatures.

Animals do not want to be slaughtered (we wouldn’t either). We do not need to eat them to achieve and maintain good health. So, I do neither. It’s that simple!

Having come to this conclusion, but still having an appetite for fine tasting foods, and not finding much in the way of vegetarian cooking that appealed to me, I decided to develop my own animal-free recipes. I already knew how to cook with animals, now I would learn to cook without them.

I cooked day and night experimenting with only the finest ingredients, discovering new ways to please my palate, my husband’s palate and anyone else who ate at our house. I would prove to everyone that we could still enjoy exquisite tasting foods without the addition of animal products.

And I did just that, proved it again and again. Thousands of recipes later, I am happy to share with you the results of that continuing labor!

The recipes appearing in this collection contain no animal products, thus no cholesterol. Each is an original created by me to tantalize and delight the palate. Each is easy to make with ingredients that are readily available and instructions that are easy to understand and follow.

There is something for everyone – for every taste. In fact, if you ate nothing but the recipes in this collection, you would be one of the finest fed people in the world!

I will personally guide you through each recipe as together we explore the exquisite possibilities within the domain of animal-free cuisine. You will be introduced to spectacular achievements in flavor, texture, color and aroma as you enjoy countless rewarding experiences introducing your family, friends and guests to your new-found culinary pleasures. You will take common everyday foods and prepare them in new and beautiful ways – in ways you never dreamed could taste so good.

Cooking animal-free will improve your health, extend your life, and enhance your sense of well-being. You will lose weight if you want to and lower your cholesterol if you need to. The only restriction is no animals. Beyond that anything is possible.

So as you embark on your journey into the world of animal-free cuisine I am proud of you for the step you have taken, I wish you good luck and success in your adventure, and a most gracious welcome to MY ANIMAL-FREE KITCHEN – a special world where all your culinary dreams come true!

Happy Cooking, and may the road rise up to meet you in all your animal-free endeavors!


Chef Davies-Tight, animal-free chef and foods engineer

(Sharon Lee Davies-Tight)


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