African Tomato Nut Pesto Linguini

AFRICAN TOMATO NUT PESTO LINGUINI #4 Made with veggie pepperoni, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Powerful flavors that pack a powerful pasta punch. Serve with red wine, beer or lemonade! Serves 6-8 3 oz. dried tomato halves soaked in 4 c. of very hot water till rehydrated - drained and cooled in refrigerator (I... Continue Reading →


An African Recipe

It doesn't have to be made from Africa or made in Africa or made by Africans any where in the world. It's a recipe made with Africa - all existing 54 countries - in mind. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, the animal-free chef, with pleasure  

African Fruit Salad

AFRICAN FRUIT SALAD #2 Yes it's African. What's the matter with that? Hey, I researched it after the fact of naming it African.  Africans eat dates, pineapples and bananas - there's a big history there. That's all the proof I need, that Africans don't require animals in their diet. They just think they do. It's... Continue Reading →

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