EAT YOUR OWN FAMILY vs Cellular Exorcism

Your brain doesn’t want somebody else’s blood and flesh running through your system. It injects CHAOS. If you’re bent on needing it, then eat your own mothers and fathers and siblings and children. Don’t eat outside the family.

The fact that eating your own repulses you proves that you know it is wrong to eat anybody else’s blood and flesh.

If you will not let the blood and flesh of your own family run through your system, because you love them, then somebody else’s family of blood and flesh nourishing your system would not dared be tolerated. You know how much you love your own, and how much they love their own, so of course you extend that same courtesy of not consuming anybody’s family.

You have elements of other families running through your system right now. You have colonized your colon with the Genes and DNA of every family member you ate. They got into your blood, into your skin, even in your fat, your eyeballs, your testicles and hair and nails. Notice your nails resembling claws lately? You have identity confusion.

Cow colonies, pig colonies, goat colonies, snakes, rats, shark colonies, yeah even bear and deer and antelope, buffalo chicken wings, horses too. Cats and dogs and livers and hearts beating your Genetic DNA drum to the sound of their awakening, wiping out your own individuality as a human. Ouch and ouch again and take that away. I need a cleanse. A total body out of options. Every cell needs an exorcism.

These terrorists are lining up vying for position, holding midnight vigils all over and throughout your organism. Your only line of defense is to starve your own flesh and blood from the families of the animals breaching your systems, before they take over and make you into a different animal – no longer justifiably called human.


Eating somebody else’s family is the same as eating your own family. So why would you do it? Okay, I hear all the reasons. So, why would you continue to do it? Okay, I hear all the reasons. But you know what? There is a way out of the never-ending maze of your reasons, that turn into excuses, that turn into a paralytic reaction, which is no action except to stay on your present path.

PLANTS are the only cleanse recommended for total exocistic achievment. You’ve been given the solution. The rest is up to you.

Do you want to remain a human animal? Or do you want to evolve into an animal whose design you have no control over? And yes, your children’s children, how about them? What new form of animal will they become? There’s not a name or classification yet. There will be.

Do you want a hand in shaping that form?

PLANTS. Across the board.

Some people say that you can’t change your DNA. Whatever you’re born with, you die with. I don’t subscribe to that particular school of thought. Maybe for solving crimes, it doesn’t matter, but altering genetics, thus DNA is possible. It happens.

What we’re talking about here, is an outside influence that enters the organism to rearrange what is already there. More of this and less of that. New bacterias, viruses, fungi, drugs, gases, chemicals, minerals interacting with each other all change and rearrange the internal cellular workings of the organism.

When humans procreate within their immediate families, the incidence of birth defects, diseases and disorders increases. That’s the proof right there, that genetics thus DNA can be changed by outside influences.

An interesting fact: “When scientists looked at genes, they found that about 90% of human genes have a matching version in cats. Sep 16, 2014”.

“Bovines share 80 percent of their genes with humans”.

What that means is that cats are 90% human. Bovines are 80% human.

Wow. It wouldn’t take much, would it, to become more lion-like or bovine-like?

It’s dangerous territory we’re marking with our animal-consuming proclivities.

PLANTS aren’t only the necessary and required means of survival of the human species. Consuming plants is the only way to preserve humans as humans.



Vegans need to be less arrogant about somebody not having animal-free food at the gatherings they go to and JUST BRING YOUR OWN AND SHARE IT!!!

Stop whining and open up your purses. I always bring; I always share and everybody enjoys!

Better to change yourself and act the happy person they want to be, instead of bringing everybody down and acting like political separatists.

I can’t believe vegans still haven’t figured this out in 2020.

Stop feeling sorry for yourselves.

Love them for the place YOU USED TO BE.



Many vegans on social media act like recovering addicts needing to sponsor someone in order to stay vegan. They first pick their families. When that doesn’t work they go outside the family. 

That’s when they get desperate and start abusing others. 

That’s when they fall. These are the vegans nobody likes. They’re too needy.

Animal-eating needs to be recognized as the addiction it is. Much like coffee, alcohol and other drugs, not everyone gets the addiction disease. But when ingesting animal products at every meal and between meals, then when eliminating it from their lives, withdrawal of some sort occurs till the organism adapts.

When somebody says, “oh no, it’s not an addiction, I haven’t eaten animals in ten years and never looked back, never a problem for me”, they’re lying through their animal-eating teeth. Or, they have an eating disorder and are addicted to not eating, or they’re bingeing and throwing up, so the animal never gets processed through the body.


The Ordination Of The Plant

Plants like to be eaten. There’s no pain in it for them. They enjoy entering your system as food, medicine and nutrients to make you strong, efficient and happy to be alive.

That’s fun for them. They’re fulfilling their purpose. When you mix them with animals in your gut they rebel. They don’t want any animal taking away what they are preordained to do for you.

Plants have the keys to all your cells and they are working them. They strut for you. Take me. Take me. I’m the best. I can do for you what no animal can. We’re a perfect fit. I want to be the one you choose.

Animals don’t want you, we do. Animals resist when you hurt them. You can’t hurt us. And by the way, stop hurting them. We’re here for them too, to make them strong, efficient and happy to be alive.

Stop getting your food signals mixed up. They’re not begging you to kill and eat them. We are the ones begging you to pick us. That’s one of our most important functions and missions: to continue the growth of plant-eating species.

Say no to animals and yes to plants for a stronger, more efficient, happy to be alive person!

We have roots, animals don’t. That’s what differentiates us as food.



Why Fool With The Perfect Foods?

A plant is a plant and an animal is an animal. Right now, meat means either animal or plant. Eventually, and that day will come, animals will no longer be considered food on this planet, so the term meat will refer to the main part and/or texture of whatever plant is under discussion.

Ever notice that no one has tried to make an animal taste and texture like a plant? For instance, make a cow look, taste and texture like a tomato? Why fool with the perfect foods? Why would anyone want to take an animal and transform it into something that tastes and textures similar to a plant?

We do that though in a round about way. We use plant sauces to cover the bad taste of flesh and blood. We mix veggies and fruits and nuts and grains and legumes, spices, herbs, oils with all kinds of animal products to cover the taste of the animal.

Even when we want just the raw segment of animal muscle to eat, we usually marinate, rub, sear, char/boil/bake/roast it in very specific ways in able to stomach it. It’s not that we don’t like tomatoes, it’s that they already exist in a perfect form and nobody has guilt over eating them, so why try to replicate a tomato using cow tissues?

Eating animals does not come natural to the human species. It just doesn’t. We’re not quick enough on our feet or with our hands, we don’t possess the teeth to chew a raw whole animal, nor do we possess the digestive tracts necessary to support the consumption of the whole animal, as whole food enthusiasts want you to think.

Bones, hair, nails, all the other junk that a breathing, feeling Holy Being consists of – are not meant for human consumption. It doesn’t matter if a snake eats a rat, which has always been your justification for eating the snake and the rat. Snakes eat humans too, so guess that makes it okay for you to do the same.

No it doesn’t.

Just because you get away with murder, doesn’t make murder right. Eating animals is murder. Premeditated murder.

To make you stop murdering other beings deserving of life, we can make you plant food that tastes and textures similar to the animals you slaughter. How about that?

In lieu of a prison sentence, you go free and we’ll reward you with plant food specifically designed to satisfy your sadistic urges absent the suffering of your victims.

I say take it.

Chef Davies-Tight



Key To Understanding Planet Earth


I’m going to keep using the words meat, meaty, to describe the main part and/or texture of the plant until such time that meat = plant. In other words, animals will not be considered meat nor food in the future.

I will not, however, refer to a plant as an animal – nor an animal as a plant.

A plant is a plant and an animal is an animal. Right now, meat can mean either animal or plant. Eventually, and that day will come, animals will no longer be considered food on this planet, so the term meat will refer to the main part and/or texture of whatever plant is under discussion.

Example: Cows are animals, tomatoes are plants. When I develop a formula and a process using plants that replaces chicken (which is currently cannibalized by humans for consumption) and I call it veggie chicken, that’s not the same as calling a plant an animal.

It’s an artistic sensory and pragmatic abstract, scientifically formulated to replace the cruelty of enslavement, torture and slaughter imposed on special beings whose purpose on earth was misunderstood by the human animal.

The effort to civilize ourselves and each other is an ongoing evolution that must never take a step back to its ugly past.

Get out of the cave. There’s nothing to fear in the future if you recognize the rights of all beings to live out their natural lives on this planet.

Earth is a plan. It’s not a human. And it’s not a human plan, so stop taking credit for something you didn’t design.

Happy Holy Day to all beings!

~ Chef Davies-Tight


Egg vs Plant

Using an egg squeezed from a hen to bind a cake is a lot weirder than using a gummy substance squeezed from a plant to bind a cake.

~ Chef Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Foreign Foods In Foreign Lands

I don’t like French food in France. I don’t like Russian food in Russia. I don’t like Hawaiian food in Hawaii. I don’t like Asian food in Hawaii. I don’t like Italian food in Italy. I don’t like German food in Germany. I don’t like Mexican food in Mexico. I don’t like English food in Britain. I don’t like Dutch food in Holland (the Netherlands). I don’t like Swiss food in Switzerland. I don’t like Belgian food in Belgium. I don’t like Austrian food in Austria. I don’t like Finnish food in Finland.

I don’t like street food anywhere.

I like everything À la Sharon. My way not your way. My taste buds not yours. In the style and manner of me. Using ingredients I like from everywhere that I want them from, combined and cooked the way I like to combine and cook them, not according to your culture or your dried up used up old never going to work for me method. I don’t give a rat’s ass about your culture and how you dismember an animal dead or alive passed down from generation to generation of serial offenders.

I don’t like your bread unless it’s made in an American bakery – the way I like bread to be made, the way I like bread to taste and texture. I don’t want you to pound the dough on a rock with filthy hands you scratched your ass and the snot from your nose with, then sell it to me as authentic.

The only thing I want authentic is me – not your greasy, slimy, dirty, grown in toilet water garbage that you call authentic foreign food.

I don’t like the animal in anything.

So all you foreigners who eat insects, keep them out of the foods you sell to me, unbeknownst to me, because you made a deal with somebody in the USA government giving you permission to use products I don’t want in my food. We’ll make the people adjust was the plan.

Not this old lady. I don’t adjust to slaughter and filth and allergic reactions to shell insects – yeah that’s right. Shell fish. Shell insects, beetles, whatever the name du jour happens to be in any given year. Keep your allergy producing foods in your own country, in your own pantry. I don’t want them.

It’s about moving forward – not moving backwards, where we all return to the jungle to scrape the dirt with sticks to gouge up worms for snacks. Whose global planning idea was that?

Fire their asses.




People on Facebook who comment on vegan recipes using the words ‘puke’, ‘yuck’, ‘ghastly’ or words describing other body functions associated with waste, who also claim to be vegan are hiding their eating disorders and food phobias under the vegan label.

Or worse, they’re terrorist trolls posing as vegans to take real vegans down by associating repulsive words with vegan foods.




High animal diet equals high progressive brain disease probability.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



You can’t make an animal taste and texture like a plant, but you can make a plant taste and texture like an animal.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



What’s the difference between eating a veg burger fried on the same flat top that an animal burger was fried on and eating seaweed that is harvested from an ocean in which humans slaughter fish?

Should we not eat the veg burger fried in a place where animals were fried? Should we also not eat seaweed harvested from a place where sea animals were slaughtered?

Can you taste the blood from the slaughtered animal in the veg burger and seaweed?

It’s there to be sure. But isn’t there blood everywhere?

How about the soil where soldiers lay their blood? Are we not to grow plant foods nor flowers in places where slaughter fed the earth? Are we not to drink the water from streams laced with the DNA of cows, pigs, chickens and deer, lambs and goats?

The blood is washed away to some place we all find familiar at some point.

The blood always comes home to us in some way.

~ The Animal-Free Chef




If the only reason you eat animals is to get protein in your diet, there are lots of other ways to achieve that end without enslaving, torturing and murdering a living, breathing animal.

Are you thirsting for blood? The blood of the plant satisfies that thirst.

~ The Animal-Free Chef



Scientists without taste buds shouldn’t be designing foods for the planet. They could end up poisoning us.




Oh my goodness. The seed. The most nutrient dense part of the plant. Reserved for the smaller animals of the planet, but we humans just have to have it.

The purpose of the seed is to grow a plant. Then you eat the fruit of that plant – that which the plant bears – then plant the seeds to grow more plants.

But oh no, you have to eat the seed. THE SEED.

And you tell the world, the entire world, that the only way to perfect health is to eat these seeds.

Those are the words of an annihilist. Give to me all I need to live forever, and screw the rest of the planet. Give me the most nutrient dense part of the plant – the seeds. Grow a million plants so I can get a bucket of seeds to last me a month. Sounds like factory farming to me – of plants.

If the rest of the planet followed that instruction/direction to eat all the seeds, there would be no plants left.

The seeds are meant for growing; the fruit of the plant is meant for eating. When you eat the seed, instead of the plant, you block nature.

So all you vegans who care supposedly for the animals and the planet are proposing a plan that is not sustainable.

Eating the seed and not the fruit/veggie is not the fountain of youth you erroneously think it is.

The seed, like the milked cow, will be spent before it’s time.




Nature’s way of protecting wild and domesticated life from poisons – that which would harm the organism – is to make those foods containing said poisons taste badly, turn up your nose to them, by-pass them, don’t want to eat this because it chews badly, smells badly, tastes badly, spit it out before you swallow it.

Not all greens taste badly. In fact many greens, when prepared right, taste and texture great. I find it odd, however, that the one green that everybody should hate, vegans love.

But it’s good for you.

Prove it.

Okay, I used it a few times. Took a lot of effort with lots of other ingredients to mask it. And I would make one recipe again only to please the kale lovers.

But, I can guarantee that you will not live one day longer because you ate kale.

Taste bud punishment is not being offered on this site.

Go someplace else for your daily dose of masochism.

You don’t belong here.

Just kidding. You need to be here. I want you here. All the kale lovers.




We grow more plants to feed animals whom we kill to eat, than we grow to feed humans.

But when we eat the animals we’re not getting the benefit of all those veggies eaten by all those animals, because the veggies are no longer veggies.

The veggies eaten by the animal build muscle, fat and bone as well as maintain all organs and systems of the animal. Knowing that, why not eat the plants in their natural form instead of processing them through an animal? If plants build muscle, fat and bone as well as maintain all organs and other systems in the animal you’re eating, then why not cut out the middle man and eat plants directly, letting our own bodies build from the benefit?

People who want corn fed cows or grass fed cows are making a connection between what a cow eats and what they want to put, pre-processed by the animal, into their bodies. But these same people won’t eat corn. It makes no logical sense to get the benefits of corn after a cow has eaten it. When you eat a cow you’re not getting the benefit of the corn. You have to eat the corn to get that benefit

We don’t get two in one by processing veggies in the animal before we eat the animal.

Cut out the middle man – the processing animal – so we get our plant food in it’s non-processed form.

Then stop raising animals to eat.

Feeding animals veggies and other animals, then killing them for our plate isn’t an efficient way to feed humans.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


A Big Mac A Day Won’t Keep Diseases Away

Since fast food feeds America, then fast food establishments and their respective umbrella companies need to be held accountable for diseases caused by eating an abundance of fast food. Thus advertising by these companies needs also to be scrutinized and held accountable when implying through said advertisements that fast food is healthy, and in particular when fast food targets low income groups with the purpose of enticing them to eat their product based specifically on their low incomes.

A Big Mac a day or a double bacon cheeseburger a day might keep the doctor away, because you can’t afford to go to one, but it won’t keep diseases away.

Doctors tell patients not to smoke. Doctors need to tell their patients not to eat fast food until fast food becomes healthy.

Cheap, healthy, tasty fast food is possible. Just take the animal products out and start from the beginning, square one, from scratch. Start over. The sooner you do the more likely that fast food establishments will stay in business.

Right now major grocery chains are selling prepared foods from their deli cases and food bars. A stop on the way home for supper, that all they need do is reheat, or picking up a healthy sandwich, that doesn’t require reheating, while grabbing a couple of beers or a bottle of wine at the same place is sounding more appealing to many Americans.

Driving while eating can be as dangerous as texting while driving. Attempting to eat, drink, answer the phone and drive simultaneously is an accident waiting to happen.

Arrive alive. Stop at the grocery for supper and beverage. No worries. Eat and drink at home.

I can already see in my mind’s eye the advertisement and I know you can too.