Oh my goodness. The seed. The most nutrient dense part of the plant. Reserved for the smaller animals of the planet, but we humans just have to have it.

The purpose of the seed is to grow a plant. Then you eat the fruit of that plant – that which the plant bears – then plant the seeds to grow more plants.

But oh no, you have to eat the seed. THE SEED.

And you tell the world, the entire world, that the only way to perfect health is to eat these seeds.

Those are the words of an annihilist. Give to me all I need to live forever, and screw the rest of the planet. Give me the most nutrient dense part of the plant – the seeds. Grow a million plants so I can get a bucket of seeds to last me a month. Sounds like factory farming to me – of plants.

If the rest of the planet followed that instruction/direction to eat all the seeds, there would be no plants left.

The seeds are meant for growing; the fruit of the plant is meant for eating. When you eat the seed, instead of the plant, you block nature.

So all you vegans who care supposedly for the animals and the planet are proposing a plan that is not sustainable.

Eating the seed and not the fruit/veggie is not the fountain of youth you erroneously think it is.

The seed, like the milked cow, will be spent before it’s time.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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