A Big Mac A Day Won’t Keep Diseases Away

Since fast food feeds America, then fast food establishments and their respective umbrella companies need to be held accountable for diseases caused by eating an abundance of fast food. Thus advertising by these companies needs also to be scrutinized and held accountable when implying through said advertisements that fast food is healthy, and in particular when fast food targets low income groups with the purpose of enticing them to eat their product based specifically on their low incomes.

A Big Mac a day or a double bacon cheeseburger a day might keep the doctor away, because you can’t afford to go to one, but it won’t keep diseases away.

Doctors tell patients not to smoke. Doctors need to tell their patients not to eat fast food until fast food becomes healthy.

Cheap, healthy, tasty fast food is possible. Just take the animal products out and start from the beginning, square one, from scratch. Start over. The sooner you do the more likely that fast food establishments will stay in business.

Right now major grocery chains are selling prepared foods from their deli cases and food bars. A stop on the way home for supper, that all they need do is reheat, or picking up a healthy sandwich, that doesn’t require reheating, while grabbing a couple of beers or a bottle of wine at the same place is sounding more appealing to many Americans.

Driving while eating can be as dangerous as texting while driving. Attempting to eat, drink, answer the phone and drive simultaneously is an accident waiting to happen.

Arrive alive. Stop at the grocery for supper and beverage. No worries. Eat and drink at home.

I can already see in my mind’s eye the advertisement and I know you can too.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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