Yes, I’ve come a long way since the sweet pickle, potato chip and mayo and mustard sandwich late at night when there’s nothing else to eat! This ultimate version has wheels. Good any time, but there’s something about the dark that makes me want to make one!

Makes 1 sandwich

MAKE smoked almond crumbles: I always have these crumbles on hand, and you should too. They add great crunch and flavor to many sandwiches. Process 2 c. of smoked almonds in food processor till evenly crumbly, then continue to process till the mealy crumbles start to clump together, meaning some of the oil is being released. Pack in jar to have ready when you want them.

1 Steak, Brat & Sausage roll, cut in half and lightly broiled

3 slices Yves Veggie Deli Salami

prepared yellow mustard, thinned with just a little chardonnay wine

4 bread & butter sweet pickle chips

2 T. Olivio Coconut Spread, like butter, at room temperature to spread easy

smoked almond crumbles

a handful of of Lay’s Kettle Cooked Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Potato Chips

escarole lettuce leaves

1 ripe slice of tomato, cut in half

On one half of the broiled sub roll spread mustard. On the other half spread Coconut Oil Spread.

On the mustard side, place chips topped with pickle.

On the coconut spread side place escarole, a little mustard on top of the escarole, folded deli salami,  followed by tomato. Top with nut crumbles.

Close and serve.

Notes: Tiny nut crumbles is what we’re looking for. I don’t want anybody to break a crown. The best smoked almonds are made by Diamond. Walgreen’s often has them on sale.

Although in my early days I used regular potato chips, now the kettle-cooked chips work better. But use whatever you have.

I suspect many people late at night have made a potato chip sandwich. Now it’s a recipe. Now it’s legal. Create your own special version–after you try this one! Cheers!

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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