No real meat, no soy meat, just simple, refreshing and delicious!

Makes 1 sandwich

MAKE smoked almond crumbles: I always have these crumbles on hand, and you should too. They add great crunch and flavor to many sandwiches. Process 2 c. of smoked almonds in food processor till evenly crumbly, then continue to process till the mealy crumbles start to clump together, meaning some of the oil is being released. Pack in jar to have ready when you want them.

2 slices potato bread

animal-free mayonnaise (Vegenaise is a great store bought brand, or if you want to make your own click here:  HOMEMADE ANIMAL-FREE MAYONNAISE

iceberg or leaf lettuce

2 thick slices, fresh, ripe tomato, the juicier the better

smoked almond nut crumbles

freshly ground black pepper

Spread bread liberally with animal-free mayo.

Place tomato on one half and lettuce on the other.

Top tomato with smoked almond crumbles, followed by freshly ground black pepper.

Close, cut and eat.

Notes: Years ago, before soy bacon, this was my Animal-Free Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich. It’s still my favorite. It has the sweet, smoke flavor along with a mild crunch. The essence is what it’s all about. Soy meats aren’t always available, and this is cheap and equally satisfying.

These days, when companies that used to make animal-free are reinserting egg whites or milk solids into their veggie products I can always fall back on the old days and the old ways of cooking without animals and soy meats. I hope you enjoy its simple nature as much as I do.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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