AFC version of a mild, creamy cheezy textural liverwurst. Why? Because I’m Baltic, Slavic, Germanic and Cossack and can’t make up my mind, so I put all of it in my newest meaty cheese formula. You say you already did that? Nyet. You put the cheese in the meat loaf, you didn’t reconfigure the meat and the cheese to make it one union under the sky of creation. I did. Yes, it is worthy!

Makes 8 cups


2 c. whole natural almonds

3 c. boiling water

1- Place almonds in boiling water in large bowl. Cover and let set 4 hours minimum.

2- Place the nuts and the water in large sauce pan over medium-low heat and cook, uncovered, till all the liquid evaporates, without scorching the bottoms of the nuts.

3- Transfer the nuts to refrigerator if not wanting to make the cheesewurst the same day you soften the nuts.

When ready to make the cheesewurst,

start with the NUT BATTER:

2 c. Forager Organic Coconut Cashewmilk

1/2 c. diced red roasted peppers, strained

1 c. sauerkraut juice from a jar of fresh sauerkraut – I used Bubbies brand

1/4 c. white miso – I used WESTBRAE NATURALS brand

2 t. pink Himalayan salt

1 t. turmeric

3 T. vegan yeast aka nutritional yeast

3 t. liquid smoke

1 t. Tobasco sauce

2 T. tomato paste

1/2 c. carrot juice

1/2 c. apple cider

2 t. dry mustard

1 t. powdered ginger

2 t. garlic powder

2 t. onion powder

lots of fresh grind black pepper

1-2 t. additional pink Himalayan salt to taste

1/3 c. tapioca flour

1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil


1 c. additional forager milk

1-1/2 c. ginger beer

1/3 c. carrot juice

2 T. white miso

2 t. liquid smoke

2 T. agar agar

1 t. guar gum powder

2 t. pink Himalayan salt

1 t. xanthan gum powder


1- Combine nuts with Forager Organic Coconut Cashewmilk in large saucepan. Place over medium-low heat.

2- Add red peppers, sauerkraut liquid strained from jar, white miso, salt and turmeric. Cook till hot, then transfer to blender and blend till smooth.

3- Add vegan yeast, liquid smoke, Tobasco sauce, tomato paste, carrot juice, apple cider, dry mustard, ginger, garlic, and onion powders, black pepper plus additional salt, blending after each addition.

4- Add tapioca flour and olive oil. Blend high and smooth.


1- In another large saucepan, over medium heat, add all GINGER SAUCE ingredients, except xanthan gum powder.

2- Whisk thoroughly  to dissolve the miso and gums. Boil lightly.

3- Sprinkle the xanthan gum powder over the top of the sauce. Whisk quickly and thoroughly into top layer of sauce then deeper down into the sauce. Cook at soft boil for about 10 minutes.

4- Pour GINGER SAUCE into NUT BATTER pan, stir well to completely incorporate the two, then cook about 10 minutes on medium-low heat, watching so the bottom doesn’t scorch. Remove from heat.

5- Cool to room temperature.

6- Oil containers thoroughly, then stir cheese till smooth, and ladle evenly into containers. Either cover them with lids, or cover with plastic wrap.

7- Refrigerate a few days to assist in the curing process.

Notes: This recipe appears difficult with so many ingredients, but you know that’s the nature of plant cheese-making if you’re looking for flavor and not just texture. Sometime in the future I might revisit this recipe and see if I can simplify it. But for now, it tasted and textured so good, and worked well as an additive to other recipes that I didn’t want to lose the original, so I’ll place it here for safe-keeping.

Serving suggestions:

1- Serve on top of animal-free breakfast sausage and top with chopped Kalamata olive.


Makes a little more than 3 cups

12.3 oz. carton extra-firm water-packed tofu, rinsed, squeezed and twisted in cloth to extract liquid

1 c. Cheesewurst

1 t. pink Himalayan salt

lots fresh grind black pepper

1/4 t. celery seed

3/4 c. fine dice celery

1/4 c. fine dice red onion

1/2 c. fine dice green pepper

1- Combine all ingredients in large bowl and stir, mash till all ingredients are evenly dispersed.

2- Transfer to covered container and refrigerate till ready to use – at least 4 hours.

3- Use as a sandwich spread, a dip for crackers for toast point or scooped on a lettuce leaf as a luncheon salad.  A celery leaf garnish works well here.


Cut out sturdy bread rounds. Top with a dab of mustard, then a cut out of CHEESEWURST, then another dab of mustard and a Kalamata olive half.

Lightly toast the bread before cutting it into rounds if you prefer.


Combine equal parts (or whatever ratio works for you) of CHEESEWURST with animal-free cream cheese. Mix till as smooth as possible. Form into ball, place on plate and surround with chopped Kalamata olives. Serve with crackers or bread.


Spread two slices of your favorite bread with mustard, top with slices of CHEESEWURST, then sprinkle with fresh grind black pepper.


This is the toast I served with the CHEESEWURST first time around. It tasted great alone and made good company with the CHEESEWURST.

Brush soft BEEFSTEAK RYE rye bread evenly with Grade A maple syrup.

Sprinkle with fresh grind black pepper.

Place under broiler till top side turns golden brown.

Remove from broiler/oven.

  • Note that we only broil one side, that way when cutting squares and then eating them the toast has one crisp side and one soft side. Sometimes when you cut bread toasted on both sides it crumbles all over the place. It also makes for a better chew experience.


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