AFC Raisin Pecan Rice


This versatile rice can take the place of mashed potatoes and gravy, or bread stuffing and can even be served as a hot cereal with nut milk, I preferred a cashew yogurt beverage over mine.

The rice and accompanying gravy are sweet, but not too sweet. Just right. Upon first tasting right from the stove I thought wow this is like caramel-flavored raisin pecan rice. You might have thought it was dripping with butter.

The SMOKY FRUIT SAUCE can also be used over cake or dairy-free ice-cream!

The JUMBO SUN-MAID RAISINS are multi-colored and more sophisticated in flavor and texture than regular raisins – an added treat for a holiday dish!

Serve plain with the sauce, or top your favorite pan-fried plant sausage – patties or links!

Makes 10 cups rice, 2-1/2 cups sauce

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