Sharon’s Birthday Repast

Yesterday on my birthday we ate out, tonight we eat at home and Steve’s cooking. Always red, used to be red and greasy, now it’s streamlined for more healthy yet equally delicious. Those canned seasoned diced tomatoes by GIA RUSSA were perfectly seasoned. I could drink that sauce. Simple, easy to make and fun to savor!

Makes 5 cups


2 T. margarine from A-F stic

1 t. jarred ginger paste

1 t. jarred chopped garlic

1 t. Minor’s Mushroom Paste

6 twists black pepper

8 oz. can can Penn. Dutch ‘Rooms

juice from canned ‘rooms

28 oz. can Gia Russa Seasoned diced tomatoes

1 t. ground fennel

1 t. dried basil

3 T. carrot juice

3 T. Low Sodium V-8



1- In large skillet over medium-low heat melt margarine.

2- Add ginger, garlic, and mushroom paste, stirring to mix into margagine.

3- Add black pepper; stir.

4- Add diced tomatoes, mushrooms and mushroom liquid from can; stir.

5- Add fennel, basil, carrot juice and V-8; stir to disperse ingredients evenly.

6- Bring to simmer-boil, where you see many tiny bubbles popping up, but not fully engorged. Cook about 10 minutes.

7- Squeeze package of rice to loosen grains in package, then add to sauce. Stir well to break all grains apart.

8- Lower heat and cook about 10 minutes, stirring often to evenly cook rice.

9- And that’s easy!

Notes: You can microwave the pouch first and then add it to the sauce, but why not save a step and add it directly? That way it absorbs some of the sauce, making it more flavorful.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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