Hey kids, the burger is the cheese! You never had one of these. Give it a go. It’s not complicated. With or without the bun, or with or without the veg burger. It’s your way. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Easy!

Makes 3-3/4 cups

8 oz. container Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese, plain

14 oz. pkg. extra firm water packed tofu – rinse, then twist and squeeze in tofu cloth or between sev. layers paper towels to remove excess liquid

1 t. sea salt

2 t. smoked paprika

2 t. garlic powder

1 t. finely ground fennel seed

1/2 t. turmeric

1/4 t. red cayenne pepper

8 oz. pkg. dairy free mozzarella shreds

1 T. nutritional yeast (vegan yeast)

1/2 c. textured vegetable protein (TVP)

1 T. apple cider vinegar

1 t. liquid smoke

In large bowl combine cream cheese, tofu and salt. Stir to evenly distribute.

Add smoked paprika, garlic powder, fennel seed, turmeric, red cayenne pepper. stir again.

Add dairy free mozzarella shreds and vegan yeast. Stir to completely incorporate the shreds, so they don’t stand out like sticks.

Add TVP. Stir into dough.

Add vinegar and liquid smoke, stirring well to form a fairly smooth dough with ingredients equally dispersed and consistent throughout.

Transfer to covered container and refrigerate overnight.

When ready to use: Remove from refrigerator, form into smooth patties about 1/4 inch thick, then pan-fry in an oiled skillet at medium-low heat till lightly browned on both sides.

Serve on a bun with condiments, or as a pattie with side dishes.

You can also use the dough as a sandwich spread, uncooked.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

AFC GLOBAL™. Chef Davies-Tight™. The Animal-Free Chef™. ANIMAL-FREE SOUS-CHEF™. FAT-FREE CHEF™. Word Warrior GLOBAL™. Word Warrior Davies-Tight™. HAPPY WHITE HORSE™. Global Word Chef™. SHARON ON THE NEWS™. BIRTH OF A SEED™. Till now and forever © Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, Artist, Author, Animal-Free Chef, Activist. ARCHITECT of 5 PRINCIPLES TO A BETTER LIFE™ & MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE™.

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