Easily turn a side dish into a main dish by increasing the serving size.

If eating at a restaurant and there’s no animal-free main dish, I often order 2 side dishes made with oil, garlic and lemon – hold the butter!

However, I shouldn’t have to order something not on the menu. 

It’s time to elevate the side dish. Instead of keeping it in the afterthought and then not much thought at all department, think what you can do to enhance the flavor and texture achievements so that your guests won’t just ask you what’s for dinner, meaning the main course, but what’s the side tonight? if they don’t order it, then it doesn’t sound appealing enough. It’s up to you to make it soar!


24 CARROT GOLD  Steamed baby carrots sauteed till charred. Briefly cooked in a Cream Of Coconut Fresh Lime Glaze. Topped with toasted coconut! Ever have juicy carrots? These are them! Best carrots we ever had! Serves 4-6

BROCCOLI IN COCONUT ORANGE LEMON SAUCE  Fresh steamed broccoli cuts tossed with a creamy coconut orange lemon sauce! Serves 4

BURNT GARLIC ASPARAGUS Fresh steamed asparagus, chilled, then when ready to serve sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, burnt garlic, smoked paprika, pink Himalayan salt and fresh grind black pepper! That’s it. Easy. You won’t want to pass this gem of a recipe by! Serves 4-6 as a side dish

CABBAGE AND SPINACH SAUTE  Fresh green cabbage and spinach sauteed with sweet onion in a light cilantro and poultry seasoning non-dairy cream sauce! Serves 6

CARROT CREAM A simple fresh carrot puree used as a side dish vegetable or a lunch all by itself or as a special topping to a special green salad! You pick. It’s all good! Fat-free too. Makes 3-2/3 cups

CAULIFLOWER PUREE Fresh boiled cauliflower buds processed with margarine and extra virgin olive oil till ultra-smooth. Seasoned with garlic, dry mustard and fresh grind sea salt and black pepper. Served with tomato vinaigrette and fresh steamed peas. Garnished with fresh basil! Makes 4 cups

CHARRED BRUSSELS SPROUTS Fresh steamed brussel sprouts charred in a little extra virgin olive oil. Tossed with garlic, smoked paprika, fresh grind sea salt and black pepper. Served with Ball Park Mustard mixed with a little veggie mayo! Serve as hors d’oeuvre or side dish vegetable. Low fat! Serves 6

CHERRY CRANBERRY SAUCE BEETS  In a sweet and sour red wine sauce! Terrific flavor arrangement. Serve hot as a vegetable or cold as a condiment! Serves 12 or more

COOKED FRESH COLLARD GREENS  Simply boiled till tender produces the best results for collard greens. Sweet, tender and delicious! Serves 6

CORN ON THE COB  If you want to uptick your corn on the cob experience, try this cinnamon – sugar – salt – animal-free butter spread! Makes 1/2 cup spread

CREAM OF ASIAN PEAS Cooked peas swimming in a umami-rich Creamy Asian Apricot Sauce! Hey, Asians eat creamy. They love creamy! This is for you! Makes  almost 1 cup sauce and 3-1/2 cups peas

CREAMED CURRY CORN   Sweet cream style corn and diced green chilies seasoned with curry. You don’t have to do much to a can of vegetables to make them taste delicious! Serves 4-6

CREAMED SAUERKRAUT AND PEPPERS Sauerkraut combined with Mancini Sweet Red Roasted Peppers, Mancini Fried Peppers with Onion, garlic, fennel and Daiya Mozzarella Veggie Shreds, then cooked till creamy! A simple side dish vegetable for roasted root veggies. Can also be served over mashed or baked potatoes, with veggie sausage, as a cheese topper for pizza, as the cheese filler in a grilled sandwich, spooned over potato or cabbage pierogi, or even in a grilled flatbread roll up! Makes 5-3/4 cups

CREAMY ORANGE STRING BEANS Your guests will be talking about these delicious green beans and wanting the recipe. The recipe is so simple that you won’t have to write it down – just tell them how to do it! Orange marmalade, a little vegetable broth, salt and cilantro mixed with Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese. Easy! Serves 4-6

EASY SIDE DISH SPINACH  Fresh spinach steamed in a little water 3-5 minutes. Drained, plated, then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, a few squirts of fresh lemon, a little salt and freshly ground pepper. Served with a lemon wedge and Kalamata olive! Easy, quick and delicious! Serves 4 – 6

GINGER BEER BEETS A variation of Harvard beets, this version when combined with dried cherries and berries in a sauce of apple cider and ginger beer raises the status of this once traditional side dish to a necessary elegance! It not only completes the meal; it completes every other dish in the meal! Makes 5 cups

GLAZED CARROT WAFERS   Delicate wafer-thin rounds of fresh carrot steamed till tender-soft, then tossed in a light shallot and pink grapefruit sauce! Serves 6

IMPERIAL CREAMED SPINACH  A basic white sauce flavored with garlic, tarragon and nutmeg folded into fresh cooked, squeezed spinach, sauteed mushroom and sweet roasted pepper. The empress of all creamed spinach! Makes 4-3/4 cups

MAPLE MARSALA MUSHROOMS Babybellas and white buttons sautéed with salt & pepper, rosemary & smoked paprika, Grade A maple syrup and Marsala wine! Something special going on here! Serves 2-6

MASHED SWEET AND WHITE POTATOES   A creamy blend of sweet and white potatoes combined with a homemade Creamy Cashew Butter, sliced green scallion and almond coconut milk. Serve as a side dish potato or make fried potato patties coated with Panko crumbs. Uniquely textured and uniquely delicious! Makes 5-1/2 cups

MIYOKO WALNUT GREEN BEANS Caramelized onion with cut green beans, topped with caramelized walnuts, crumbled Miyoko’s Classic Double Cream Chive vegan cheese, and fresh chopped garlic! Served with a side lemon squeeze. Broiled to melt the cheese ,or not, it’s off the planet delicious! Makes 6-8 side dishes, 4 main dishes

PERFECT CARAMELIZED ONION Serves 4-6 as side dish or on 4-6 sandwiches

PERFECT MASHED SWEET POTATOES Baked sweet potatoes processed with peeled baked red apples till velvety smooth with nothing more than pink Himalayan salt. Exquisite! Naturally sweet with a slight bite from the acid of the apple! Makes 3-1/2 cups

POTATO TURNIP CARROT MASH   with coconut milk, fresh garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Simplicity is key! Serves 8

PINEAPPLE GINGER CARROTS   Fresh steamed baby carrots in a light pineapple and fresh ginger sauce! Wonderful with rice dishes, even plain rice! Serves 6

PREPARING & COOKING WHITE ASPARAGUS  Two cooking options: boiling and grilling! This vegetable rates as a delicacy – try both ways!

PUREE OF SPINACH    A thick, creamy, brilliant green puree of spinach flavored with garlic, mushroom, onion and dill. This Puree Of Spinach melts in your mouth! Serves 4

ROASTED BEETS Roast whole beets till tender – no seasoning necessary. Then use in a variety of recipes. So easy, and the flavor and texture so rewarding! Even eat plain!  Makes 4 extra-large beets

ROASTED CAULIFLOWER  A whole, fresh cauliflower head baked with extra virgin olive oil and salt till tender throughout and toasty on the top. Served with an additional drizzle of olive oil, then sprinkled with garlic, paprika and freshly ground black pepper. Served with fresh lime wedges! Serves 6

ROASTED PORTABELLA MUSHROOMS   Roasted Portobello mushrooms with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder. That’s all you need. Slice to serve as is, or slice and saute in a little more olive oil, salt and pepper! Serve as a side dish to pasta and rice dishes, or on a sandwich! Makes 4 whole mushrooms

ROASTED RED GRAPE TOMATOES   Red grape tomatoes tossed with grapeseed oil, herbs and garlic then roasted till softened and juicy. Takes just 15 minutes to roast! Makes 4 side dish servings or several plate garnishes

ROASTED RED SKIN POTATO AND CAULIFLOWER If you work in a restaurant and are accustomed to deep frying your side dish potatoes, think roast. Low calorie, low fat, high flavor and texture properties! Your customers will want these for the main dish. So why not offer a main dish and a side dish option?

Also serve as an appetizer plate with toothpicks and a dipping sauce. Dipping Sauce suggestions? Horseradish dairy free sour cream, barbecue, tartar sauce will all work! Listen for the raves! Makes approx. 12 side dish servings

SAUTEED ASPARAGUS    Fresh steamed asparagus sauteed with fresh mushroom, then tossed with fresh tomato and a splash of lemon. A simple and delicious way to serve asparagus as a side dish! Serves 2

SAUTEED SPIRAL BEETS AND ONION Great side dish vegetable. Tastes like fatty game. Don’t ask. Just be assured there are no animal products, and enjoy! Serves 2-4

SAUTEED SWISS CHARD   A light sweet and sour flavored Swiss chard with sweet cooked onion! Serves 8

SHARON LEE’S STEWED TOMATOES   Sauteed fresh mushrooms and fresh tomatoes stewed in an aromatic broth of red wine, garlic and cilantro! Serves 4-5

SMOKED ALMOND GARLIC GREEN BEANS Not your typical green beans almondine. Better. Easy to make. I could make a main dish out of these beans and feel like I had a complete meal. Yet they go well with other main dishes, especially holiday ones. If you’re serving a crowd, this is a perfect side dish vegetable, requiring little effort! Serves 6-8

SMOKY BERRY WALNUT YAMS Although side dishes are meant to enhance the main course, this side dish may well turn out to be the star of the banquet! Serves 6-8

SPICED APRICOT YAMS   A creamy smooth blend of fresh yams and apricots spiced with cinnamon. Baked till hot! Serves 6

STEAMED GREEN BEANS ALMONDINE  Whole fresh, steamed green beans tossed with extra virgin olive oil, fresh lime squeeze, almond crumbles, freshly ground sea salt and black pepper. Garnished with an additional drizzle of olive oil and topped with more almond crumbles. A delicious, fresh way to enjoy green beans – year round! Serves 4-6 as a side dish

SWEET LEMON BRUSSEL SPROUTS   Fresh brussel sprouts steamed till tender, then pan-fried in a light, sweet lemon and garlic sauce! Serves 6

TURNIP AND CARROT MATCHSTICKS   Delicate strips of fresh turnips and carrots steamed till tender-soft, then tossed in a fresh orange glaze! Serves 6

ZUCCHINI AND SAFFRON   Thin rounds of zucchini sauteed with sweet onion, garlic, juice of fresh orange and saffron! Serves 4

ZUCCHINI AND KALAMATA OLIVE   Fresh julienne strips of zucchini sauteed in extra virgin olive oil with Kalamata black olive and garlic! Serves 4


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