In a sweet and sour red wine sauce! Terrific flavor arrangement. Serve hot as a vegetable or cold as a condiment!

Serves 12 or more

9 oz. pkg. Cherry Cranraisins by Ocean Spray (dried cranberries infused with cherry juice)

2 c. water

½ c. brown sugar

1/2 t. salt

15 oz. can cut beets; drain, reserve beet liquid, then cut larger beets into smaller pieces

½ c. dry red wine

¼ c. white vinegar

2 T. Balsamic vinegar

½ t. cinnamon

¼ c. water combined with 2 T. cornstarch in small cup and stirred till dissolved

In medium saucepan, over medium heat, combine cranraisins, water, brown sugar and salt. Stir well, bring to boil, cover, reduce heat to medium-low, then cook 20 minutes at a softer boil, or till soft and plump.

Place cut beets in bowl. Add reserved beet liquid and red wine. Stir and let marinate while cranraisins cook.

When 20 minutes is up, add beets and marinade to cranraisins. Stir well.

Add white vinegar, Balsamic vinegar and cinnamon. Stir well, return to soft boil and cook 5 minutes.

Add cornstarch liquid to cranraisins and beets, stirring continuously till thickened. Reduce heat to low and cook, uncovered, for about 15 minutes longer. Turn heat off. When ready to serve, reheat.

Notes: If you like cranberry sauce and if you like Harvard beets, you’ll adore this recipe, which basically combines the two. Serve hot, or make it a day in advance and serve cold. Either way will make an impression! Nobody will believe that beets could taste this good. You can serve it as a vegetable or as a condiment. A must on any holiday food buffet.


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