A creamy blend of sweet and white potatoes combined with a homemade Creamy Cashew Butter, sliced green scallion and almond coconut milk. Serve as a side dish potato or make fried potato patties coated with Panko crumbs. Uniquely textured and uniquely delicious!

Makes 5-1/2 cups

40 oz. can cut sweet potatoes in syrup, including liquid

3 c. instant mashed potatoes

¼ c. margarine

freshly ground black pepper

salt to taste

1/3 c. thinly sliced scallions, green and white part

½ c. Creamy Cashew Butter*

¾ c. Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond-Coconut Milk

extra sliced scallion for garnish

Place yams and syrup in large pot. Cover. Heat till boiling and cooked throughout. Mash with potato masher while they’re boiling, till evenly pulpy and pureed.

Add instant mashed potatoes all at once and begin immediately to stir into sweet potato liquid. Stir till completely dissolved.

Add margarine, salt and pepper to taste. Stir till melted.

Add scallion and cashew butter, stir again till thoroughly incorporated.

Now add almond coconut milk a little at a time, whipping with spoon till desired consistency is achieved. I used all of it.

Place in serving bowl. Sprinkle with additional sliced scallion and serve.

Notes: The texture of these potatoes aren’t like the texture of white or the texture of sweet potatoes. They’re also not the same texture as fresh white or fresh sweet potatoes.They’re denser, creamier and smoother.

Variation: Refrigerate overnight and make pan-fried patties, about ¼ cup per patty. Roll into ball in palms of hands, flatten to moderately thin burger size. Coat both sides with Panko crumbs, pressing them down just a little into the patty. Fry in a little hot oil, over medium-high heat, till browned on both sides, turning only once. Serve with a side of applesauce, cranberry sauce, or top with your favorite gravy. Wow! Serve for any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Cashews, salt and oil, that’s all you need to create one of the most delicious, creamy nut/legume butters you’ve ever tasted!

Makes 2-1/4 cups

2, 8.5 oz. cans whole cashews; I used Nice! Brand – one without salt and one with sea salt, because that’s what I had on hand

1 t. sea salt or to taste

½ c. corn oil

Place cashews and salt in food processor and process till light and dusty. Push down insides of container with spatula, then process further till cashews just begin to clump together a little.

Add oil, then process till creamy, again pushing down insides of container with spatula so there are no straggler crumbs.

Transfer to jar and refrigerate till ready to use.

Notes: It will be thin at room temperature and somewhat thicker when refrigerated. It’s great either way, like it’s already melted without having to heat it. Try that on your morning or evening toast. What a treat!


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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