“…was delighted with MY ANIMAL-FREE KITCHEN! While not a vegetarian, I am one of the many who has become almost vegetarian…I can see that I will have a good time dipping into your cookbook.”

Eleanor Rothman – Director Ada Comstock Scholar Program, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts

“Thank you so much for your kind gift [of MY ANIMAL-FREE KITCHEN!]. I was deeply moved by your thoughtful generosity, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your support…Hillary and I send our best wishes.”

Bill Clinton, President of the United States

“Tremendous, astonishing Sharon Lee has captured the true meaning of cooking without animals. Obviously many dedicated years showing a commitment to a top shelf cooking guide…totally enjoyable and informative experience.”

Jim’s and Nancy’s Northeast Kitchen

“I already started using it (I had the Cold Bean Sandwich for dinner) and will continue to enjoy many healthy meals from it…”

~ Beverlee Hill – Assistant Manager B.P. Oil

“Thank you so much for the great book. The Fire Station Macaroni was a hit….and I love the new cover!”

~ Linda Ashley – L.P.N.

“I just can’t imagine the time and testing that went into such a beautiful piece of work. You did a great job!”

Dot Davidson – Homemaker

I was waiting for this book. You made my day – you made my life!”

Michael Hornschuch – Hairdresser

“All the time I was reading, it was like I was right in your kitchen with you. That was a good feeling.”

Carole Burke – Bookkeeper

“A beautiful job on the book. I got so hungry I had to go fix a snack.”

Ann Thomason – Homemaker

“…the theme is especially intriguing. I know that many of our customers will enjoy food preparation from this publication.”

Glen Holt – Executive Director St. Louis Public Library

“…[Bob] thanks you so very much for the terrific book of recipes…and the time and effort that went into it…said he would definitely learn how to cook with it.”

Bob Barker – from “The Price Is Right

“Never before have we been treated to such exceptional dining.”

~ Jedonne Roberts and Doug Merritt – Student and Mixmeister

“…I appreciate your concern for my (good) health and all the good ideas for improving my eating habits. Your thoughtful gesture is much appreciated.”

Barbara Roberts – Governor of Oregon

“I felt like you were talking to me as I read your book.”

Sally Barber – Occupational Therapist

“Every recipe has instructions that will make a cook out of everyone who reads it. A wonderful book and so well written.”

Norberta Zoeller – Homemaker

“I am not, certainly, anything that could even remotely be called a cook, but I do look forward to trying your recipes which sound like a marvelous alternative. It’s a great word to spread and please know that I appreciate both the book and your motives. Wishing you great success!”

Betty White – of “Golden Girls” fame


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