My Criteria For Developing Recipes

  •  When developing recipes I go with what tastes best, and not with ‘what will do’.
  • If I don’t like it from first to last bite I don’t ‘book’ it.
  • Flavor, texture, color/appearance and aroma are the criteria upon which I rate every dish.
  • The ingredients can be cheap, expensive or anywhere in between; as long as they contain no animal products, and the entire dish has more nutritional value than not, I’ll use them.
  • However, once I combine them in a recipe, if I don’t like the turn out, I don’t think somebody else might.
  • When I taste, if I say, “I’d order this out” and/or “I’d serve this to guests”, then I keep it.
  • My only demands when you’re trying one of my recipes: If you’re going to alter any recipe by changing ingredients, amounts of ingredients, method, or cooking time: make it taste, texture, look and smell great!

~ Chef Davies-Tight, the Animal-Free Chef


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