You’ve been a part of cruelty-free living since birth, proven by the myriad of plant-based foods you’ve already eaten and liked.

Our goal is to refamiliarize you with your ‘true north’ nature by engineering recipes using foods you already know and like, in familiar plus new and exciting ways, to create a sensational and satisfying taste experience, whereby you won’t miss the animal whom you’ve become accustomed to eating.

We use fresh\raw, canned, frozen, dried and some processed foods. Although our simultaneous goal is good nutrition, we don’t eliminate salt, sugar and fats that would otherwise compromise the flavor and keep you from wanting more.

Although I’m the Chef, many people contribute to the successful engineering of these recipes: the farmers who grow the produce, the manufacturers who provide the prepared canned, jarred, bottled, dried, frozen foods and all it takes to get them to market, the inventors who design veggie meats, veggie dairy products, and now even veggie eggs, plus all the retailers, factory workers and on and on.

I’ve taken the best of all they offer and engineered the best of animal-free just for you!

Happy Cooking, and may the wind be at your back in all your animal-free endeavors!

Chef Davies-Tight

my compass is the animal


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