The Animal-Free Chef

“The Most Defiant Warrior Of Them All”

A chef will change the world.

Chefs always change the world. They’re the first ones to your gut. The animal chefs had a go at it – for millennia – and they made the world worse off, not better off. It’s long past time. It’s way over-due.

There will be no negotiations – NONE – no more putting on a back burner, where all it does is simmer till it disappears, that which should have been served first. It’s front and center. The main course, every course, in full view where everybody can see, the prize. It’s standing room only, but you don’t care as long as you get a taste. And you will. That you know.

Now the animal-free chefs get their turn. Now they have a go at it. And yes, stand down, just like we all did when you took the reins and sentenced to the worse hell on earth all creatures large and small for your palate.

Because you were addicted to the blood, you made the blood-seeking part of your addictive lifestyle into the menu.

The menu is mine now. You disrespected the menu by making war with it, against it, by committing the most horrendous war crimes against the most innocent as you smeared the menu with prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. Then you hid the blood, the suffering, and the proof of curdling screams under crafty trusses and sauces meant to deceive, not enlighten.

You all had it your way for way too long and you all contributed to making a mess of the planet. Now God is up. You don’t need a religious God to make the world turn in it’s proper direction, all you need is yourself as your own God. Raise yourself up. Sing praise to you.

I will be on the front lines cooking animal-free and sending the Five Principles to a Better Life – no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter – all over the globe. With God on the side of living and thriving not dying, this battle will be won.

You are no longer God’s child. You ARE God. Ever notice how religions keep saying we’re all children of God, as if God is the parent, and whatever we do, it must be God’s will for us to do? No human parent would raise a child that way. “No matter what you do – Johnny or Mary – know in advance that you have my blessing?”

It’s a bunch of mumble jumble used to keep your mind and soul muddled, so you don’t know what’s up, what’s down, what’s right, what’s wrong, always in the dark of not knowing, so that the animal-abusing industries (including the human-abusing industries), supported by all religions and governments, if not through words, through actions, can control your actions for the so-called benefit of the so-called group, based on their animal-abusing agendas.

The task of switching from animal-based to animal-free cuisine is not too large, nor is it insurmountable. It just appears that way – because of your muddled minds and souls. The world has changed and will continue to change quickly at junctures that appear, seemingly out of nowhere, to facilitate that change, whenever and wherever the gap between life and death is shortened to the point of meaningless life.

We are at the door of the juncture that can change the planet by lengthening the gap between life and death to the point of meaningful life for all who inhabit the planet, instead of a torturous life that leads to slaughter.

The door is open. You don’t have to walk – nor run or close your eyes and hope you float – through it. That door will never close. The opening will only get bigger and bigger and bigger till next thing you know the entire world is on the inside. It’s quick. It’s painless. You’ll wake up in a comfortable place – a place of familiarity – and know that this is the place you’re supposed to be. This where you want to be. Animal-free.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, the Animal-Free Chef

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Vegans Need New Leadership Skills

Be like a politician – make friends not enemies if you want to change the world. Putting everybody in vegan prison till they wake up will lead to a war. Oh, they’ll wake up, and when they do they’ll have a knife to your throat. 

It is not about animal rights at this point. It’s about their rights to do something that’s legal. 

Challenge the legal system, focus on the health benefits, show how it degrades the collective animal psyche, and depletes the earth’s resources, show how animals are like ourselves – they have faces just like ours, brains with which to think, nervous systems with which to feel pain when harmed. 

Torture somebody, and they’ll find a way to torture you back. They will not climb on your bandwagon as a result of bad treatment. Try protesting one of Mom’s dinners or Dad’s barbecues and see if it switches them over to animal-free. Not a chance in anybody’s family. 

I live in America. People despise vegans – everywhere. It’s not that they make people feel uncomfortable, it’s that they enjoy disrupting and manipulating people and events. They act like the dictators everybody hates. Soldiers trained to kill the enemy are more polite and kind than most vegans operating in public to get attention, but it’s always bad attention. 

Why can’t you smile now and then? When you say you can’t smile while animals are in pain, everybody knows you’re lying through your own animal-abusing teeth. It’s impossible to be totally free of animal products. Guess that means you won’t be taking antibiotics till they’re made with veggie capsules and no animal suffered as a result of pharmaceutical testing. That’s the hypocrisy everybody sees, and that you can’t deny.

The militant vegans are not changing the world for the better. They’re preparing for war. Well, I was antiwar before I stopped eating animals and I am still antiwar. I find it strange that so many Facebook vegans are so violent in advocating for the most heinous acts to be committed against animal-eaters. Humans are animals. They fall into the animal rights category. It makes you no better than they, when you select only certain animals to protect against enslavement, torture and slaughter. 

Revenge does not become the animal rights advocate/activist – not in any form.

I see myself in every animal-eating, animal-exploiting person. That’s where my strength lies. I figure people who hate their families because they won’t change to an animal-free diet, hated them anyway. Love doesn’t turn bad that quickly. Not real love. 

In my view it’s better to have a place where you can go and feel safe. Making war with your family should be for every animal-rights activist off limits. 

The world doesn’t need another war. The world needs solutions. What I hear coming from Facebook animal rights activists is to stop exploiting animals, but they don’t give a solution. They think somebody else will come up with one. Well, guess what? Somebody else did. And now it’s hard to find vegan labels on anything. Plant-based is where the world turned, when the vegans turned their collective back to the world.

Stop dividing the world into two factions: VEGAN and NON-VEGAN. You sound like the Jews. JEW and NON-JEW. You’re either a Jew or you’re not a Jew. That’s hurtful and discriminatory.

There is so much more to the world and to the human population than some small group trying to force everybody into two conflicting rooms. That’s where wars begin. In the long run separatists don’t win, no matter where you seat yourselves.



My mother knew how to follow a recipe. She also knew how to create her own. On one visit to the Homeland – Arthur Street in Springfield, Massachusetts – she made my minestrone soup from the cookbook I sent her. She put it in front of me at the table and watched while I ate. It looked and tasted exactly like mine. I couldn’t believe it. Perfect replication. I was thrilled.

My Dad, who never commented on my mother’s cooking, or anyone’s for that matter, said, “too many mushrooms” as he finished up the soup except for two mushroom slices left in the bowl. He’s the engineer. I could tell by Mom’s face that she liked that Dad said that. I liked it too – that he did that for her.

Another time, Carole made one of my appetizer relishes – only she used California olives instead of Kalamata olives. She told me in advance of me tasting it in front of the whole family. Of course the Kalamata olive was the star contributor to the success of the dish. I asked why did you use the other olive? She said she couldn’t find the Kalamata olives and didn’t even know how to say it. So why in Springfield, Massachusetts can’t you find Kalamata olives in mainstream grocery stores? Maybe because you have to go to a Greek store? Or an Italian store?

I taste.


Then the crunch of the cracker.

I could hear the collective holding of the Davies breath for about 5 seconds. My sister’s face I still see up close in front of me wondering what my response would be to altering the recipe. Her eyes dance. Her smile coaxes me. She doesn’t know. At that moment nobody knew.

“YOU LIVE”, I said.

The collective Davies held breath ended in a sigh followed by a huge instantaneous, simultaneous laugh by everybody.

It was still good with the bland California olive. But…next time ask the grocer for the olives. And next time I see her I’m going to bring some of that relish with me, so she can see the difference. Hey, if she likes liver, which she does, then she’ll like Greek olives. Kalamata olives are the biggest blood fruit on the planet. That’s what the Greeks are supposed to eat, instead of the actual lamb.

To get back to Mom, she was always clipping recipes from all the women’s magazines she subscribed to. She read a lot, not just about women stuff. I remember her complaining about the fancy calorie-laden desserts they all had on the covers, then inside they were telling women how much they should weigh and how to diet. It didn’t make any sense to her. Then give us some diet recipes instead of all these high calorie ones.

Anyway, when she tried somebody else’s recipe and it didn’t come out as she trusted it would, then there was a flaw in the recipe, not in my mother’s execution of it. She proved that to me by making my minestrone soup when I went home for a family visit. Maybe someone did what Giada De Laurentiis did with her first cookbook – just pulled the recipes from their minds as the family sat around the table guessing at the actual measurements of the dishes they made, because they didn’t measure back then. They eyeballed.

You know everybody says lose weight (nobody ever said that to Peg Davies, except her), but then all these magazines have pictures of high calorie desserts on the covers. Yeah, and they still do Mom, after all these years.

My mother passed on 14 October 2016, three days before her 90th birthday. Although she was a person short on compliments to her immediate family, she did always say when I called her long distance, “yes, yes, I remember that now. Sharon, you always remember the happy stories for me.” She was right, I did that for her – every single time I called. I wrote happy stories too – just for her.

Now that’s another happy memory Mom. This time I shared it with others, instead of telling just to you.

Perfect timing. It’s all about the timing – in cooking anything.


And thank you too.

And measuring accurately my engineer father pipes in.

Well, I always measured accurately my mother reminds him with a little feigned indignation.

I know you did. I’m reminding her.

On earth as it is in heaven. Mom and Dad still arguing. I love it and love you two.

Go to bed everything’s good. Just follow her recipe.