SOY SPAM SALAD SANDWICH SPREAD There are a hundred different spreads you can make, but this one we keep going back to! Makes approx. 5 cups spread 1 lg. green pepper, cored and cut into chunks 1 lg. sweet onion; peel and cut coarsely into chunks; measure out 1 cup 1 pkg. Tofu Hot Dogs, … Continue reading SOY SPAM SALAD SANDWICH SPREAD



ASIAN RISOTTO Fresh peaches, raisins and pecans simmered in a sweet sour, ginger, curry soy sauce. Mixed with Jasmine rice, then topped with fresh summer tomato cubes and green scallion. Wow! Sauce makes 5-1/2 cups This recipe was developed for all Asians in appreciation of the 2008 Olympics. Any group of individuals who can make … Continue reading ASIAN RISOTTO


IT AIN'T CHOPPED LIVER  A soy based pate that tastes like goose liver without the liver aftertaste and without the cruelty. See for yourself. Wow! Makes 2-3/4 cups This recipe was developed for all the Jews who don’t want chopped liver, in gratitude for all the animal-free products they create and manufacture in the USA. … Continue reading IT AIN’T CHOPPED LIVER