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Nothing compares with the smell and taste of fresh herbs and spices

steeping in the aromatic liquors of garden fresh vegetables.

What else quiets the spirit, warms the heart and inspires the soul

like a bowl of homemade soup?

Appetizers, entrees, desserts; light, creamy and hearty, hot or cold;

the variations are endless and the appeal is universal–

not a culture on earth is without its special brew.

The soups created for this collection offer an expansive range of flavor, texture, complexity and utility.

Cook slowly and with purpose and the end result will be as you imagined–absolutely delightful!

Show me a cook who makes you a fine soup, and I’ll show you a fine cook.

Creating a fine soup requires skill, attention to detail, time, and a desire to produce an extraordinary soup–the same elements required to make any other food taste fine. With each soup in this collection we strive for culinary perfection: that potential which each soup is capable of achieving. We move slowly and purposefully through the development of each stage, making each soup different and each soup delicious.

The most delicious soups instill the greatest confidence.

Have you ever had a delicious tasting soup and even for one second doubted the quality of your next course? Neither have I. And neither will your guests, because we all know that those who labor over the soup will labor over the remainder of the meal.

Creating animal-free soups presents you with a unique challenge.

Most soups, traditionally, have used as their base an animal broth. And using this broth, be it bird, cow, lamb, fish or pig etc. or their bones or fat is the way by which we all learned to make soups. Well, we do not use animal broth in our soups, and in fact, rarely use vegetable broth. Instead of starting out with a flavored broth and adding to it, we combine ingredients in such a way, so that the combination of those ingredients itself produces a flavorful broth or base. Through extensive experimentation and engineering, by combining various vegetables, legumes, rice, pasta, beans, herbs, spices and oils we have discovered and can now produce soups of infinite variety–textures, flavors, colors, aromas–without the addition of animal products.

Soups soothe. ♥

No matter when or where, no matter what the circumstance: if you are served a fine soup, you will indeed feel finer yourself. I am here to provide you that fine feeling absent the cruelty toward another creature.


MY IMMUNE BOOSTER SOUP This soup is a complete meal. You’ll walk away thinking you’ll order this soup again. Fresh melon topped with coconut cream with fresh lime would make a perfect dessert accompaniment. No starch, no salad, no veggie meat needed with this soup. Enjoy it as is. Thinking healthy means enjoying all the taste sensations! Makes 8 cups


AFC Purple Cabbage Weight Reduction Soup (WRS) Another fabulous cabbage soup, hitting all the right notes. Weight reduction or not, I love cabbage soup – ala Sharon! Makes a lot

AFC 5 SPICE TOMATO BEAN SOUP Fat-Free and still delicious! Cabbage, celery and carrots combined with Roman beans in a spicy tomato sauce. Salsa and fresh lime give it an extra kick and AFC 5 SPICE ramps up the flavor profile! Makes 11-1/2 cups

AFC GREENS AND BEANS CABBAGE WEIGHT REDUCTION SOUP ( WRS) Some of us would prefer some options for the Weight Reduction Soup (WRS). When we tire of one soup, there’s another style, just as tasty and effective in weight control, to peak the interest of our palate! This WRS does that! Makes 38 cups

BY REQUEST: HEARTY VEG BEAN SOUP FOR STEVE Fresh, frozen and canned veggies mixed with Bush’s GRILLIN’ Beans in a smoky tomato, garlic, coriander and basil broth thickened with unmodified potato starch to achieve a velvet viscosity! Makes 19-1/2 cups

ESCAROLE AND NAPA CABBAGE WEIGHT REDUCTION SOUP (WRS) Rosemary, garlic, mustard and coriander flavor this Napa cabbage and escarole soup along with parsnip, onion, carrot and turnip. It doesn’t take long to decide if you like it!  Makes 28 cups

GREEN SOUP – WEIGHT REDUCTION SOUP (WRS) Unlike most of my other soups, this one has more solids than broth by design. I want the fiber. It’s a simple soup, flavored simply but effectively. Bland could come to mind, but again that was by design. Soothing is what I feel when enjoying the simplicity. It also sports a chew, that’s fashionable and comfortable! Makes 19 cups

LOW FAT STEWED TOMATO CABBAGE SOUP I don’t know why the love of cabbage is attributed to Polish People, but they obviously knew a good thing when they cultivated it! If you like tomato soup you’ll love this one. The strong tomato flavor somehow enhances all the other vegetables. Even the kids will like! Makes 21 cups

MUSHROOM MISO NOODLE BOWL Three kinds of mushroom sauteed with green cabbage, red pepper, garlic, scallion and ginger. Combined with spinach in a broth flavored with white wine miso, rosemary and smoked paprika! Ladled over thin linguini. Garnish with radish, scallion and drizzles of extra virgin olive oil and sesame oil. A culinary pleasure! Makes approx. 14 cups broth minus the noodles

WEIGHT REDUCTION SOUP (WRS) FAT-FREE CABBAGE SOUP  This is my new favorite soup. I love everything about it. It’s simple, easy, doesn’t cost much and it makes a ton. This will be Steve’s and my lunch for the week. Today, for lunch he had 5 cups. This soup is definitely a keeper! I’m going to reduce my weight by eating this soup and lots of it. I just know it to be true, before I even start my WRS program! Ready? There is no part of any animal nor any fat in this soup! Makes approx. 45 cups


ANTI-BEEF CRUMBLE CHILI – fat-free (FF) Red rice is my new Anti-Beef Crumble. It works beautifully, with no suffering imposed. Now, that’s a good day, when I find a better way to prepare traditional food absent the cruelty. Revolutionary is what it is. Right in front of us the whole time. For all you who prefer not to eat soy, this Anti-Beef Crumble is for you! Makes 9-3/4 cups

ANTIPASTO CHILI  A taste of Italy in a mainly Mexican dish! Makes 7 cups

BABY PORTOBELLO CHILI  Sauteed baby Portobello mushrooms, sweet onion and green, sweet red, Anaheim and habenero peppers. Combined with kidney and pinto beans and simmered in a garlic, chili and fresh basil and parsley cocoa-flavored tomato sauce! Makes 13 cups

BAKED BEAN CHILI   with tomatoes, caramelized sweet onion and textured vegetable protein. Seasoned with cumin, oregano, chipotle powder and fresh garlic. Secret ingredient? Cocoa! Makes 8 cups

BASIC CHILI  Spicy Mexican chili beans and deep red kidney beans simmered with plum tomatoes, sweet onion, green pepper and green chilies. Heartily seasoned with spice and herbs! Makes 8 cups

BEER CHILI MAC Onion, green pepper and celery sauteed with fresh garlic in hot chili oil, then simmered with tomatoes and kidney beans in a tomato sauce seasoned with sweet paprika, fennel and thyme. Flavored with beer and a touch of mustard. Topped with diced avocado! Makes 6 servings

CHILILESS CHILI This is one mean meaty chili. Low fat, but you wouldn’t know it by the fatty chew of the beefless ground. Gardein nailed it. So what if we leave out the chilis. It stands on its own with garlic, coriander and fennel in a green pepper, onion and mushroom tomato sauce. Makes 12-1/2 c.

CHRISTMAS CHILI Obviously this chili is cooked, yet it tastes so fresh. I wonder why? “Very good”, Steve said. “Very French”. Serve by itself or over orecchiette (hat shaped pasta). Over rice too! It’s all good. The “very” categorizes it as special! And yes, it’s even low-fat. It didn’t have to be; that’s just the way it happened. Merry Christmas! Makes 12 cups

CORN CHILI  A sweet corn chili with sauteed celery and onion, combined with kidney beans, mushrooms and stewed tomatoes. Seasoned with chili powder, paprika, garlic and tarragon! Makes 6 cups

EGGPLANT AND MUSHROOM CHILI  Italian and Mexican flavors combine in a gourmet style fine dining chili experience! Makes 12 cups

MATZO CHILI  FIVE STAR. Do I need to say more? Follow The Recipe. Wouldn’t ya know that the best chili I ever had turned out to be Jewish, says Steve, who practically ate the whole pot! Man is this good… Makes 13 cups

MEATLESS CHILI MAC Sauteed mushroom, onion and green pepper with pinto beans and carrot in a smoky-sweet garlic and herb tomato sauce. Seasoned with chili, basil, tarragon and rosemary. Served over elbow macaroni and topped with fresh cilantro! Makes 9 cups

GARAM MASALA CHILI  Sautéed sweet onions and peppers, pinto beans and sweet white and yellow corn simmered in a tomato sauce seasoned with fresh garlic, Garam Masala spice, curry and chili powder. A new and exciting way to experience chili! Makes 13 cups

SOY SAUSAGE CHILI  Sauteed sweet onion and soy sausage combined with kidney beans and tomatoes in a  chili and cumin flavored tomato sauce. Seasoned with garlic, basil and rosemary. Splendid for the entire family! Makes 10 cups

SWEET CHILI FOR STEVE  You won’t find any chili flavoring in this chili. That’s the way he likes it and that’s the way I make it, when I’m cooking just for him!  Yield: It’s an all you can eat, which means we don’t measure servings when I make this dish. (It’s greater than 16 cups)

WAGON WHEEL CHILI  Yves Veggie Ground supplies the meatless meat. Cooked with fried peppers and onion, stewed tomatoes and pinto beans in a coriander-fennel tomato sauce. Hungarian paprika and red cayenne take the place of chili powder – with a great result! Serve alone or over wagon wheel pasta! Makes 9-1/2 cups


BLACK BEAN CORN CHOWDER  In this chowder we use three types of corn: sweet yellow, sweet white, and cream style, combined with black beans and caramelized onion and celery in a garlic, chipotle powder and thyme seasoned soy milk base, thickened with instant mashed potatoes. Spicy, sweet and smooth!  Makes 12 cups

POTATO MUSHROOM CHOWDER Lightly creamy, savory, low fat but who would know? Cheesy flavors and textures. Tastes like corn chowder without the corn. Chowder doesn’t require a thickener, but if you want one, go easy with it. You don’t want to mask any of those beautiful flavors! Makes 9 cups

QUINOA VEG CLAM & OYSTER CHOWDER Who would believe it? Sea water, wild mushrooms and saffron give this chowder it’s sea flavor. Tastes like tender clams and oysters, with the toasted quinoa creating a perfect texture extension for the veg sea food. Bold and wonderful! Makes 9-1/4 cups

SHARON LEE’S CORN CHOWDER  with sautéed maple smoked mushrooms, fresh spinach and turnips. Extra special! Makes 14 cups

SPICY CUMIN CORN CHOWDER  flavored with curry, garlic and basil, and made creamy with soy sour cream. Spicy, hot, sweet and oh so smooth! Makes 17 cups


AFC 5 SPICE TOMATO BEAN SOUP Fat-Free and still delicious! Cabbage, celery and carrots combined with Roman beans in a spicy tomato sauce. Salsa and fresh lime give it an extra kick and AFC 5 SPICE ramps up the flavor profile! Makes 11-1/2 cups

ASIAN BARBECUE BEAN SOUP Can a barbecue bean soup really be Asian? Tastes like Asian to me. Maybe it’s the sesame oil. Maybe it’s the fresh garlic and ginger. Maybe it’s the barbecue in the beans. Maybe it’s all the ingredients combined. Steve picked out the ingredients and I made the soup per his request. He ate a quart of it over toasted bagel croutons. Guess he liked it. I loved it. I had the last cup this morning for breakfast. That’s when I knew why he ate so much. I would have done the same if there had been more! Makes 5 cups

BABY LENTIL MATCHA GREEN TEA SOUP w/gravy option – fat free A simple lentil soup with complex seasoning profiles and a Green Matcha Tea boost! Nutrient dense and fat free walks this keeper all the way to the animal-free food bank! Apple cider and carrot juice, smoked paprika and curry are a few of the adds that make this soup sing! Makes 23 cups

BAKED BEAN BEER SOUP  Canned brown sugar baked beans combined with sauteed pineapple, onion and mushrooms. Flavored with beer, white wine and sage.  Made creamy with a Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese and fresh orange blend!  Makes 19 cups

BROCCOLI BAKED BEAN POT This dish does not require much cooking time. Serve as a stew or as a topper for baked white or sweet potatoes. I went the sweet potato route this time. The horseradish element in the sauce works well with the sweet of the potato. Hearty, filling, but you leave the table feeling good about the experience. New, different but familiar! Just how I like it! Makes 8 cups stew/sauce

EDAMAME SPLIT PEA SOUP  Edamame (soy beans) cooked with split green peas. Seasoned with rosemary, fennel and garlic! Fat-free! Makes 7 cups

FRESH BASIL SPLIT PEA AND ORZO SOUP A creamy split pea soup with fresh basil, garlic and smoke. Topped with salty orzo pasta that tastes and textures like mozzarella cheese!  Makes 5-1/2 cups

GHETTO SPLIT PEA SOUP  A perfect arrangement of flavor and texture! Makes 8 cups

PINK LENTIL SEITAN SOUP Pink lentils, mixed veggies and stewed tomatoes simmered with cubed Seitan in a smoked paprika, garlic and coriander broth! Makes 14 cups

PINTO BEAN PEA SOUP A rich, meaty, smoky, stick to your ribs pinto bean pea soup! Makes 16 cups

SLOPPY JOE AND CHILI BEAN SOUP  A thick, fragrant, big flavor vegetable bean soup with orzo pasta. Hearty like a chili! Makes 18-1/2 cups

SPLIT PEA AND VEGAN HAM SOUP Green cabbage, vegan ham, vegan yeast, light-flavored sesame oil, liquid smoke, Balsamic vinegar and whole cooked frozen peas are the differential ingredients that take an ordinary pea soup to new culinary heights! give it a try! Makes 27 cups

SPLIT PEA AND LENTIL SOUP Made with only seasonings. This soup is great as is, or can be used as a base in which to add other ingredients as you use it. It was designed with the restaurant in mind. It’s thin enough so that it doesn’t become too thick in the refrigerator, reheats beautifully. You decide what ingredients you want to add to a portion of it from day to day! Makes 23 cups

STEWED TOMATO BEAN POT Vegetarian baked beans mixed with caramelized red onion, multi-colored pepper strips, stewed tomatoes and carrot matchsticks. A light-flavored and colored sesame seed oil teamed with Balsamic vinegar and garlic create the rich foundation that brings together all ingredients, elevating them in one simple yet elegant main dish. Makes 11 cups

SWEET AND SOUR BAKED BEAN SOUP Making soup absent animal broth is not difficult but it’s different. We use veggie bouillons, or combine veggie, bean and seasoning ingredients in such a way that we don’t depend on bouillon for every soup we make. This is a large can soup developed for restaurant and home use.

Recently I experimented with using fruit liquids in the broths as substitutes for bouillon and my traditional combinations of ingredients. It worked. In fact the acidity from the fruit liquid adds a wine component absent the wine that I have also used in sauce calling for wine. Apple cider and now cranberry juice are effective broth builders and wine replacements! Makes 21- 1/2 cups

THREE BEAN GARLIC ONION SOUP   with red wine, tarragon and thyme! The richness of this soup proves that you don’t need beef broth to achieve a beef broth richness! Makes 7-1/2 cups

WILD NOODLE SOUP A new approach to the noodle soup – the broth is in the solid ingredients. Plus meat, meat and more meat. Where’s the meat? In the blackeye peas and wild rice. Animal eaters won’t believe there’s no animal in this soup. Plant-eaters won’t believe there’s no fake meat in this soup! Makes 30 cups

WILD PINTO BEAN SOUP with fried garlic tortillas   Pow! Wow! Flavors and textures galore! If you want to impress guests with a soup so wild that they won’t know if they’re eating meat or not, and won’t care, this is it! Makes 20 cups


BAKED BEAN BLACK BEAN STEW   Caramelized sweet onion and green pepper with baked beans, black beans, stewed tomatoes and sweet corn. Seasoned with garlic, lemon and thyme! Makes 12 cups

CABBAGE BEAN AND VEGETABLE STEW   Spicy, savory with just enough heat and sweet! Yes, you’re going to use nearly every spice and herb you have! Excellent color, flavor, texture and aroma achievements! Makes 28 cups

EARLY AUTUMN STEW   Sweet onion marinated overnight in Madeira wine, then sautéed with baby Portobello mushrooms and added to a pot of Madeira wine and sweet cider-flavored tomato broth with stewed tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, sweet red roasted peppers, fresh garlic and cilantro! Makes 10 cups

EGGPLANT AND ZUCCHINI STEW  Sautéed onion, eggplant and zucchini in a garlic, Balsamic and stewed tomato sauce. Makes 8 cups

KAMUT TOMATO CORN STEW Kamut grain and sweet corn stewed in a thick tomato and white miso broth with garlic, smoked paprika, rosemary and coriander. Garnished with orange zest and served with a side of ciabatta bread spread with miso and extra virgin olive oil! Makes 8-1/2 cups

MUSHROOM ONION STEW A stew that never stops giving pleasure! No matter how many times I make a variation of the same stew from decades ago, it’s always top shelf! Makes 24 cups

SHARON’S BELMONT STEW  A red wine, thyme and tarragon flavored vegetable and tomato stew. Makes 14 cups

SOY CHICKEN AND POTATO DUMPLING STEW  Sautéed soy chicken strips, mushrooms, roasted peppers and carrot sticks stewed in a tomato curry, spice and herb broth, with sweet curry and dill potato dumplings! Serves 6

SOY SAUSAGE VEGETABLE BEAN STEW  A perfectly engineered soup: an outstanding flavor achievement. Must taste to believe!  Will go quickly. An easy sell! Makes about 14 cups

STEVE’S DERBY STEW   Mushroom, black bean and tomato stew with fresh garlic, white wine and cilantro. Makes 18 cups

THREE GREEN STEW   KALE, TURNIP GREENS AND SPINACH with beets, carrots and potatoes in a creamy mustard garlic horseradish sauce! Tastes like you cooked it with salt pork! Makes 17 cups

TOFURKEY ITALIAN SAUSAGE AND PEAS (stew or sauce – you call it) Serve as a sausage stew or ladle over mashed potatoes (white or sweet), over rice or your favorite pasta. We marinate the entire dish overnight in the refrigerator for optimal flavor and chew. Makes approx. 13 cups

TOMATO AND SWEET CORN SAFFRON STEW  with sweet red roasted peppers, herbs and spice. Topped with dill avocado cream! Makes 8-1/2 cups

TOMATO RICE STEW FOR RESTAURANTS   with cabbage, baby carrots, baked beans and roasted peppers.  Seasoned with garlic, caraway and ginger. Sweet, tart and mildly spicy! Gluten-free and fat-free!! Makes approx. 33 cups


A SOUP FOR THE PHARAOHS Put a high price tag on this soup. Sell only by the cup. Rich. Wow. Whoa. From another planet. Ancient inspired by the grain. You won’t recognize it. Rare. Makes 8-1/2 cups

AFTER LENT SOUP OR GRAVY A ‘back to the root’ soup or gravy for the masses!  Makes 26 cups

BIRD SOUP?  That’s what you wanted? Well, here it is. Only without the bird.  Better without the bird! Guaranteed. Makes 22 cups

CARROT AND ROASTED PEPPER BISQUE  with curry, coriander, tarragon and fresh garlic. Simple, elegant, quick! Makes 6-1/2 cups

CHINA SPINACH NOODLE  A main dish noodle soup, spiced with sage, curry and garlic. Serves 4

FAT WHACKER TOMATO SOUP  with sweet corn, orange, curry and cilantro! Makes 3-1/2 cups

GLUTEN-FREE VEGGIE NOODLE SOUP My Fat-Free Fling Soup. OMGod. Off the planet. Thank you for this beautiful gift! Makes 20 cups

HOT AND SOUR CAULIFLOWER SOUP A hot and sour cauliflower soup with spinach, baked potato and carrot ribbons floating with udon Japanese noodles and cilantro oil in a white miso, garlic, coriander and smoked paprika broth! The best hot and sour soup I’ve ever tasted! Makes 24 cups

LEFTOVER VEGETABLE SOUP  or clean out the refrigerator soup. A potent tonic for whatever ails you. Makes 22 cups

MY IMMUNE BOOSTER SOUP This soup is a complete meal. You’ll walk away thinking you’ll order this soup again. Fresh melon topped with coconut cream with fresh lime would make a perfect dessert accompaniment. No starch, no salad, no veggie meat needed with this soup. Enjoy it as is. Thinking healthy means enjoying all the taste sensations! Makes 8 cups

POPEYE SOUP Popeye The Spinach Man never had it this good! Spinach, mushrooms, sweet onion, peppers and stewed tomatoes in a savory broth with Goldbaum’s Gluten Free All Natural Brown Rice Pasta Shells. WOW! Makes 25 cups

ONION MUSHROOM WINE SOUP Caramelized onion, sauteed mushroom and celery with potato simmered in a mushroom, tomato, red wine broth with baby spinach! Toasted English muffin croutons texture like dumplings! Makes 18 cups

RUSSIAN WEDDING SOUP  The next time the President of Russia and his wife visit the USA, the White House needs to serve them this special soup. The W.H. Chefs need to follow the directions precisely. The soup, not the meat, will be the star of this banquet! Steve made the first half then I made the second half–on Labor Day!  Sauteed cabbage, onion & mushroom mixed with roasted peppers in a stewed tomato broth with beets and potatoes. Seasoned with tarragon, thyme, Hungarian paprika and a hint of hickory smoke. Each bowl is drizzled with a White Zinfandel wine, topped with a dollop of Paprika Dill Soy Sour Cream with lemon zest. Served with hot pumpernickel rolls spread with Sharon’s Tofu Butter Spread! Makes about 21 cups

SAFFRON CELERY SOUP We use the whole bunch of celery in this soup along with red onion, Dei Fratelli Chopped Italian Tomatoes and pistachio nuts. Seasoned with saffron, caraway, coriander and star of anise! Makes 9-3/4 cups

SAVORY VEGETABLE SOUP or “7731” SOUP  Cabbage, broccoli, turnip, sweet onion and celery steeped in a subtlety seasoned curry, coriander and rosemary broth. Wow! Makes 25 cups

SPICY TOMATO GINGER SOUP  Everybody loves tomato soup. This one is rich, chunky and satisfying! Makes 6 cups

SUN-DRIED TOMATO SOUP  Black beans, sweet red roasted peppers, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes quick-simmered in a ginger, garlic and cilantro tomato broth. Especially nice! Makes 7-1/2 cups

TOMATO CARROT HERB SOUP FOR RESTAURANTS   Made with vegetarian beans, roasted peppers, corn and spinach. Seasoned with garlic,  basil, coriander and mint. Served with a lemon slice float! Makes 37 cups

TOMATO SOUPY SAUCE Halfway between a soup and a sauce with multiple uses. It’s one of those rare sauces that totally consumes your attention while consuming it. No matter if used for dipping, for saucing potatoes, pasta or rice or as a soup, it’s not easily forgotten! Makes about 17 cups

TOMATO, VEGGIE, HERB AND SPICE SOUP  Served with orzo pasta. Simply made and simply delicious! A soup designed for restaurants! Makes 32 cups

VEG CHICKEN AND RED RICE SOUP Wow where do I begin? What started out as a simple few item soup for Lilly Belle turned into an extravaganza high-end fit for a Princess soup for the ages! Or the aged! We all are in the same process of aging. Once you’re here, a minute, hour, week, year it’s the same for everybody. That’s my common ground with you all today!

Enjoy vicariously while Lilly and I savor this delicacy! Thick and Hearty delicacy – even better! Makes 20-1/2 cups

VEGGIE HAMBURG SOUP Sauteed peppers, onion and Yves Veggie Ground combined with mushrooms, blackeye peas, green beans, corn and okra. Simmered in a red wine and coffee tomato herb broth. Thickened with pumpkin! Garnished with orange zest! Makes 22 cups

WEIGHT REDUCTION SOUP (WRS) FAT-FREE CABBAGE SOUP  This is my new favorite soup. I love everything about it. It’s simple, easy, doesn’t cost much and it makes a ton. This will be Steve’s and my lunch for the week. Today, for lunch he had 5 cups. This soup is definitely a keeper! I’m going to reduce my weight by eating this soup and lots of it. I just know it to be true, before I even start my WRS program! Ready? There is no part of any animal nor any fat in this soup! Makes approx. 45 cups


ASPARAGUS SOUP Lots of asparagus go into the simple making of this delectably rich and arrogant talk of the town. All asparagus all the time! Make your taste buds talk green! Makes 8 cups

BROCCOLI CURRY RAMEN BROTH  Lots of broccoli processed with a store-bought IMAGINE brand Ramen Broth till fine-textured. Combined with water, pink Himalayan salt, a drizzle of extra virgin olive and mild sesame seed oil. Add some mellow miso, curry, coriander, mustard and garlic. Serve as is, or re-blend after it’s cooked for a creamier texture – whichever way you prefer. Maybe half and half? Tasty, satisfying and healthy too! Makes 13-1/2 cups

CREAM OF EGGPLANT AND SAFFRON SOUP  Elegant, delicious, light, creamy and fragrant! Makes 9-1/2 cups

CREAM OF TOMATO PUMPKIN SOUP A rich, elegant, powerfully expressed creamy soup! Common ingredients don’t detract from its beauty, in fact, they enhance it! Makes 9 cups

CREAMED VEGETABLE SOUP WITH RICE BALLS  Asparagus, pea and carrot puree with curry and tarragon. Served over smoke flavored curried rice and bean balls. Serves 6

CREAMY MARSALA CAN SOUP Yup, it’s all cans. So easy, creamy, spicy, sweet. A bunch of canned veggies blended till smooth, then simmered with tomato and carrot juices plus Marsala wine. Lots of spice makes this soup extra nice! Makes 11 cups

CREAMY YAM AND TARRAGON SOUP Served hot or cold, this appetizer soup introduces any meal nicely! Makes 5-1/2 cups

CREAM-STYLE FROZEN VEGGIE SOUP The frozen veggies of the day are broccoli, cauliflower and carrot.  Add water, flavor concentrates – in this case mushroom base and poblano pepper concentrate – plus a few seasonings, diced celery and you have a creamy rich soup once blended. We add the celery after the soup is blended for a texture contrast! Topped with a Sweet Mustard Drizzle! Makes 15-1/2 cups

PINK LENTIL PUMPKIN SOUP Creamed pink lentils and pumpkin simmered with celery, beets and cauliflower. Seasoned with rosemary, garlic and smoked paprika! This rustic soup melts in your mouth! Makes 18 cups

PUREE OF TOMATO BEAN SOUP with carrot, tarragon, basil, lemon and garlic. Topped with a garlic, tarragon mashed potato ball! Garnished with fresh parsley!  Light, fresh but rich tasting, soothing, spicy, tangy, sweet, subtly exciting! A perfect autumn soup! Makes 6 cups

SMOKEY YAM SOUP  Creamy yams simmered briefly with tarragon, rosemary and a hint of smoke. I’m making this on the stove as I type and am waiting for a call from the hospital regarding Steve’s surgery. The yams used for this recipe have an American Heart Association recommendation. Makes 5-1/2 cups


PINEAPPLE BEAN SALSA SOUP – or dip This is my gazpacho – upticked all the way to the moon and back. The longer it marinates, the more subtle the flavors. Some like the old, some like the new! Serve as a cold appetizer soup or a dip with tortilla chips! Makes 9 cups


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