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Crackling crispness against textures of softness radiating hues of brilliancy

enveloped in flowing smoothness. Exquisitely prepared–a celebration!

What better way to enjoy natures bounty of luscious fruits

and perfectly formed vegetables than in their most perfect state?

And what finer way to present them than in a salad?

Featured as the main course or served as an accompaniment, the salads appearing in this collection create an excitement of freshness, and convey a refreshing expression of goodness.

Whether wild or cultivated, exotic or familiar, select your fruits and vegetables as you would hand pick them from the vine–with care!

The salads presented here encompass a wide variety of foods.

We use fruits, greens, vegetables, legumes, pasta, rice, nuts, legumes, dried fruits, sprouts etc.

Salads also serve many functions: before the meal, during (either on the same plate or in a separate bowl alongside the main dish), after the meal, or on a buffet. The place a salad will occupy in the meal will be dependent upon the design (flavor, texture, aroma, color) of the particular meal and how it fits into the overall scheme of that design.

Any salad in this collection can be served in large portions as the only course, and in smaller portions as an appetizer. Salads can, in fact, be served for any meal–even breakfast.

Salads are not just for dieters nor should they be eaten in only warm weather. Salads are for anyone – all people and for all seasons. Delicatessens don’t stop making potato salad when the weather cools, and neither should you.

The salads developed for this collection were hand-selected by me, especially for you. I wish you fun in impressing yourself and your friends with these special selections. ♥


APPLE, PECAN AND SPINACH SALAD Sweet red apples and pecans tossed with fresh spinach in a walnut oil and raspberry vinaigrette! Makes 4 servings

AVOCADO, SPROUT AND CASHEW SALAD  Ripe avocado, greens and sprouts combined with tomato, rings of red onion and roasted cashews. Tossed with oil of avocado and garlic dressing! Makes 4-6 servings

BROCCOLI AND MUSHROOM SALAD  with greens, and tomatoes drizzled with a creamy Macadamia Nut Dressing! Wonderful! Serves 5

CABIN FEVER SALAD  Toasted French bread cubes sautéed in margarine, garlic and cinnamon with Spanish peanuts and a spray of sugar. Tossed in a romaine lettuce salad with tomato, avocado and sweet onion. Dressed with a nut oil vinaigrette! Serve 4-6

CHINESE TOSS SALAD   Fresh spinach, marinated mushroom, fresh pea pods, sweet orange, ringlets of onion and sliced almonds tossed with a garlic, ginger and soy dressing! Serves 6

CHRISTMAS PISTACHIO NUT SALAD   Pistachio nut vinaigrette served over crisp leaf lettuce! Perfect for the holidays! Serves 5

CIRCUS SALAD  Fresh romaine lettuce and spinach greens combined with sweet onion, red pepper, sweet gherkin pickle and ripe avocado. Tossed with a sweet and sour mustard dressing! Serves 6

CREAMY PINE NUT SALAD   Garlic, thyme and pine nuts blended with extra virgin olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. Tossed with fresh-cut romaine lettuce! Serves 6

ESCAROLE MAPLE WALNUT SALAD   Crisp escarole lettuce with red grape tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. Drizzled with maple walnut Balsamic dressing. Then topped with candied walnuts! Serves 6

GARDEN SALAD WITH AVOCADO DRESSING  Creamy avocado dressing seasoned with lime and curry tossed with greens, tomatoes, cucumber and onions! Serves 6-8

MEDITERRANEAN SALAD BOWL  Fresh romaine lettuce, sweet red peppers, black olives and sun-dried tomatoes tossed in a caper and pine nut vinaigrette! Serves 6

MUSHROOM ASPARAGUS SALAD OF ROMAINE Sauteed Portobello mushroom with roasted pepper and garlic, steamed fresh asparagus layered with romaine lettuce, sweet onion and red grapes. Drizzled with a Red Russian Creme Fraiche salad dressing!  Serves 4

NEFERTITI SALAD Smoked almonds, raw almonds, almond milk, brown sugar. Easy, creamy, delicious! Makes 4-1/2 cups

ORANGE SAFFRON SALAD  Crisp greens and cuts of fresh orange dressed with a saffron vinaigrette! Serves 4

PERFECT CAESAR SALAD Familiar and new. Old school, new school. The best of Caesar! Makes 2 extra large servings

PORTOBELLO MUSHROOM AND WILTED SPINACH SALAD  A traditional salad with a new spin! Fresh spinach, red roasted peppers, avocado and scallion tossed with a warm sweet sour Balsamic vinaigrette with soy bacon bits and topped with sautéed Portobello mushroom slices! Makes 4 main dish salads

ROASTED BEET SALAD Spinach, romaine, red cabbage, radish, sweet onion,  topped with roasted beets, then dressing with 3 Nut Sauce! Makes as much as you want.

ROASTED CAULIFLOWER SPINACH SALAD A whole cauliflower roasted with a sweet sour rosemary marinade. Cut into cauliflower steaks then set atop a salad of spinach, cabbage and sweet red pepper. Drizzled with a smoky cashew dressing, then topped with chopped Kalamata olive! Serves 6

SALAD IN A RED DRESS  A traditional garden salad dressed with bold familiar flavors of red: sweet, sour and spicy! Serves 6

SESAME SPINACH SALAD  A sweet sesame oil vinaigrette served over fresh spinach and scallions! Serves 4

SHARON LEE’S CAESAR SALAD Before cooking animal-free, my all-time favorite salad was Caesar Salad. Although my own Caesar Salad now contains no animal products, I derive the same satisfaction and pleasure from this recipe as I did back then. Serves 4-6

SHARON LEE’S SPECIAL CHEF SALAD  Who says you can’t have your chef’s salad and eat it too! We use soy meats for the meat, and avocado for the texture of egg! The dressing is up to you, just like in a restaurant. Serves 4-6

SHARON LEE’S SPECIAL HOUSE SALAD  with Creamy Pink Fennel Dressing! 5 servings of salad with extra dressing

SHARON’S WEDGE SALAD   Iceberg lettuce wedges topped with red grape tomatoes and chopped red onion. Covered with a sweet and sour soy bacon and pine nut dressing made with extra virgin olive oil and Balsamic vinegar plus non-filtered apple cider vinegar.  Sprinkled with fresh cracked pepper! Serves 6

SHARON’S WILTED SPINACH SALAD   Fresh spinach and walnut pieces dressed with a warm sweet and sour soy bacon, Kalamata olive, garlic, roasted pepper, Balsamic and Dijon mustard dressing! Salad Serves 4-6; Dressing makes 2 cups

SOY PEPPERONI AND RADICCHIO SALAD This is a great tasting hearty salad. The bitter taste of the radicchio and escarole support the strong flavors of the other ingredients, and the sweet herb dressing brings them all together for a sensational flavor achievement! Serves 6

SPINACH BENEDICT SALAD Fresh spinach, mushrooms, and croutons tossed with a creamy fresh lemon, tarragon and garlic dressing! Topped with matchstick slices of Veggie Canadian Bacon! My plan was to make  a Veggie Eggs Benedict, which would require a stove, a toaster and a blender. When the lights went out at Kirby Manor and I had no electricity, I made this beautiful salad instead, thus the name! Makes 4-6 main dish servings

SPINACH MUSHROOM AVOCADO SALAD  Made with roasted pepper and onion. Drizzled with a creamy, sweet and smoky, Balsamic vinegar and Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream dressing! Quick, easy, elegant! Makes 4 main dish salads or 6 side salads

SUN-DRIED TOMATO GINGER DRESSING FOR COLESLAW/GREEN SALADS Sweet, sour, smokey flavored sun-dried tomato dressing with walnuts, ginger and shallots. Tossed with cold shredded green cabbage or fresh, crisped escarole and sprinkled with salted cashew crumbles!  Makes 2-1/2 cups dressing

SWEET BUTTER LETTUCE SALAD with an extra virgin olive oil and raspberry vinaigrette! Serves 4-6


APPLE TAPENADE Hot, spicy, salty, sweet, sour, acrid, tart means powerful. Serve as appetizer with toast points or French baguette, or with your favorite pasta and marinara sauce on the same dish so the juices can mingle. Heaven on a plate! Makes 7 cups

AVOCADO AND FENNEL DRESSING Sliced avocado halves drizzled with fennel seasoned oil and vinegar! A special treat! Serves 2

AVOCADO WITH GRAPEFRUIT VINAIGRETTE  A light, zesty grapefruit vinaigrette with dill that goes especially well drizzled over avocado! Makes enough for 4-5 servings

BING CHERRY BEET SALAD Fresh Bing cherries, sweet onion, yellow and orange peppers with beets marinated in a Balsamic, grape seed and maple syrup dressing! This is one of those salads you can’t stop eating! Makes 7 cups

BROCCOLI AND MUSHROOM ANTIPASTO  Fresh broccoli buds and mushroom caps marinated in a garlic and curry red wine vinaigrette! Serves 6

FRESH CARROT AND GINGER SALAD with prunes and pine nuts in a white Balsamic vinaigrette! Makes 5 cups

LATE HARVEST TOMATO SALAD  How could something so simple, so easy, taste this good? During the winter months when tomatoes are not as good, this is a great way to make them taste better! Makes about 4 cups

MARINATED ANTIPASTO SALAD Fresh mushrooms, sweet onion, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and black olives marinated for 24 hours in a fresh thyme and garlic red wine vinaigrette! Serves 6-8

MARINATED APPLE AND CELERY SALAD I Tiny cuts of crisp celery and sweet juicy apple marinated in a spicy sweet oil and vinegar dressing with a splash of Cream sherry wine! Serves 6

MARINATED APPLE AND CELERY SALAD II Sliced celery and fresh sweet red apple cubes marinated in a sweet, garlic and thyme red wine vinegar dressing! Serves 6

MARINATED BABY LIMA BEANS  Baby lima beans boiled till plump, then tossed with sliced celery and a sweet mustard lemon and dill vinaigrette! Serves 6-8

MARINATED BEETS AND HEARTS OF PALM  Fancy cut shoestring beets, tender rounds of hearts of palm and rings of sweet onion marinated in a walnut oil and white wine tarragon dressing. Served with fresh sliced black bread! Makes 4-6 servings

MARINATED BEETS AND YELLOW ONION   Fancy cut shoestring beets and fresh onion strips marinated in a raspberry, garlic and coriander dressing! Serves 6-8

MARINATED CARROT STRIPS  A simple, delicious way to get your vitamin A! Serves 6

MARINATED LENTIL AND RED PEPPER SALAD   Lentils, onions and sweet red peppers tossed with a curry and garlic red wine vinaigrette! Makes 4 cups

MARINATED MUSHROOM ASPARAGUS SALAD  Mushrooms marinated in a fresh oregano, white wine and sesame oil vinaigrette with fresh steamed asparagus and red grape tomatoes! Serves 6-8

MEXICAN CORN SALAD  Sweet yellow corn, fresh Roma tomatoes, sweet red roasted peppers, mild pepperoncini and black olive marinated in a garlic and cilantro white wine vinaigrette! Serves 6-8

SOY PEPPERONI ANTIPASTO SALAD Soy pepperoni, tomato, cucumber, marinated artichokes, pickled banana peppers andKalamata olives marinated in a creamy sweet vinaigrette with fresh herbs, smoked almonds and garlic. Special! Makes 5 cups

SUMMER TOMATO MARINADE   A light, refreshing antipasto salad of tomato and cucumber meats sprinkled with Kalamata olive strips. Dressed with a tender champagne and garlic vinaigrette. Yes, a dressing can be tender! Serves 6-8


AFC PASTA SALAD VINAIGRETTE Family or buffet size pasta salad that will woo your guests. Simple, yet outstanding texture and flavor arrangements! Adding the vegan yeast to the dressing thickens and creates a richer flavored creamy vinaigrette that elevates the experience to special. You’ll be impressed with the result! Makes a lot for picnic or party gathering

AFC VEGAN HAM AND EGG MACARONI SALAD You can’t get much better than this. Lots of new techniques applied to an old-time favorite salad. Macaroni has a new place in the heirarchy of pasta salads. You don’t even need the dressing, in fact some of you will want to forego it. Or, half with dressing, half without. Either way it made it to the moon and back!  Makes 14 cups solids and almost 2 cups dressing

ASPARAGUS AND BEET PASTA SALAD A delightfully flavored and textured pasta salad. The color alone will make sure nobody forgets it! Makes 7 cups

BAKED BEAN AND MACARONI SALAD Why not put the baked beans and macaroni salad in one super dish? You’ll love the result! Makes 13-1/4 cups

BLACKEYE PEA VEGGIE MACARONI SALAD with grape tomatoes, roasted peppers, celery, gherkin dill pickle, soy bacon bits, scallion, Italian green beans and sweet peas. Tossed with an extra virgin olive oil and Sherry vinaigrette! Makes 13 cups

COUSCOUS ANTIPASTO SALAD Steamed couscous and parsley tossed with marinated mushrooms, artichokes, red peppers, tomatoes and onion in a Balsamic garlic vinaigrette! Makes 6-1/2 cups

FLOPPY BOW TIE PASTA SALAD  Tri-color pasta bow ties combined with fresh juicy tomato, broccoli buds, green pepper and scallion. Dressed with a creamy sweet mustard and tarragon dressing. Excellent! Makes 11-12 cups

FRIED PEPPER AND EGGPLANT ANTIPASTO  The easiest pasta salad in the world!  Serve 8

KIDNEY BEAN BABY SHELL PASTA SALAD White and red kidney beans combined with baby shell pasta, sweet onion and pepper strips. Tossed with a maple mustard tarragon dressing. Wow! Wow! Makes 13 cups

MACARONI AND TOMATO SALAD Pickled ginger and dill take this otherwise ordinary salad to the limit! Makes 9 cups

OVER-THE-TOP MACARONI SALAD Tired of the same old macaroni salad? Want to perk it up? Well, you came to the right person. Contains no animal products and who would know? Using products developed by Delight Soy and Hellman’s Mayonnaise who care about your animal-free experience we swung for the fences and went clear over the top into the next county! Take a look and see what you think! Makes 13 cups

PINK MACARONI, BEAN AND BROCCOLI SALAD with beets, sweet onion and sweet red peppers in a sweet and sour raspberry vinaigrette! Makes 11 cups

RAINBOW PASTA SALAD Tomatoes, peppers, sun-dried olives, green olives and capers tossed with rainbow pasta in a raspberry basil vinaigrette! Makes 9 cups

ROTINI BARBECUE SALAD  Whole wheat rotini pasta, tomatoes, sweet red and green pepper, scallion, radish and broccoli mixed with Animal-Free Barbecue Mayonnaise Spread. Topped with smoked almond crumbles. Great salad! Makes 21 cups

SPAGHETTI EDAMAME SALAD  Thin spaghetti combined with boiled edamame, steamed carrot sticks, green beans, diced onion, green pepper and celery. Tossed with an orange marmalade and fresh ginger and curry vinaigrette with capers! Makes 8 cups

SPINACH TOMATO LINGUINI BOWL Cooked linguini mixed with fresh spinach, tomatoes, sweet onion, Kalamata olives, sweet mini peppers, and carrot ribbons. Tossed with a reduced fat Herb and Spice Vinaigrette! Mostly raw! Makes 16 cups


SHARON’S BAGEL SALAD  English cucumber, tomato, thin carrot wafers, chopped onion, dried cranberries and soy bacon bits marinated in a Dijon mustard, garlic, cilantro and mint vinaigrette. Tossed with small toasted bagel wedges just before serving! Any Jewish deli could make it! Makes 8 cups

TOMATO ANTIPASTO BREAD SALAD  Ripe, juicy tomatoes combine with Eggplant Appetizer (caponata), sweet red roasted peppers, fried green peppers, Nicoise olives, pine nuts and sliced onion. Mixed with toasted English muffin cubes, then soaked in a pine nut, garlic and rosemary vinaigrette.  Wonderful! Makes 12 cups


BAKED POTATO AND ASPARAGUS SALAD Baked potato cubes, fresh steamed asparagus, sweet onion rings, tomato and romaine lettuce tossed with a curry and dill red wine vinaigrette! Makes 6 servings

FAT-FREE POTATO SALAD Potatoes, peas, celery, onion, roasted and green chili peppers tossed with Silken tofu, grain mustard, herbs and spices. Surprise ingredient? Fresh and dry mint! Makes 8 cups

OLIVE CAPER POTATO SALAD in red wine and garlic vinaigrette! Makes 5 cups

PETITE PEA AND CASHEW POTATO SALAD with maple mustard vinaigrette! Makes 6 cups

POTATO AND BROCCOLI VINAIGRETTE Fresh steamed potato cubes tossed with fresh broccoli buds, red apple and rings of red onion in a sweet and sour celery seed and basil dressing! Serves 6

POTATO AND ENDIVE VINAIGRETTE A salad plate of chilled potato, sliced Begian endive, hearts of palm and ripe tomato. Served with a fresh basil vinaigrette! Makes 4 servings

POTATO AND GREEN TOMATO SALAD A light, delicious salad of potato and green tomato tossed with cubes of cucumber and Anaheim pepper strips. Dressed with a sweet garlic and ginger nut oil vinaigrette. Makes 4 servings

POTATO SALAD FOR TWO Bake up a bunch of potatoes, refrigerate, then make individual potato salads as you want them. This way, the dressing and ingredients don’t get watered down and old-tasting. It’s fresh each time. Thick Lime Sauce is perfect for a mayonnaise substitute. Use your leftover pickle juices to thin the sauce when stirring the salad! Serves 2

RED SKIN BAKED POTATO SALAD  Red skin potato cubes baked till browned and crispy. Combined with celery and onion, then tossed with a sweet mustard garlic vinaigrette! Serves 4-6

SMOKY CREAM PINEAPPLE POTATO SALAD We’re pushing the boundaries of potato salad making. It’s the richest, creamiest, most startling potato salad you ever tasted! Makes 7 cups

SOFT-FRI SAFFRON POTATOES AND CORN – two way For restaurants with leftover baked potatoes  – or home chefs who want to uptick your skillet potatoes – try this version of home fries and/or potato salad. It works great! Makes 9 cups

SWEET PEA AND GREEN BEAN POTATO SALAD  Cubed precooked potatoes mixed with petite peas, cut green beans, scallion, celery, fresh basil and ginger. Tossed with a creamy orange curry dressing! Makes 8 cups

THE QUEEN OF KINGS POTATO SALAD  Nobody has tasted a potato salad quite like this. The ultimate in flavor and texture! Definitely a WOW dish! Makes 17 cups


AFC WALDORF ASTORIA SALAD Although Waldorf Salad was popular in my day (and I’m 70 years old), it was more popular in my parents’ and grandparent’s time. Makes about 4 cups glazed walnuts; 4 cups Waldorf dressing and for this recipe 8 cabbage and grape servings

APPLE CELERY SLAW A festive, yet simple coleslaw that can stand up to any Main Dish event! Happy Holiday! Makes approx. 9 cups

APPLE COLESLAW with avocado and pistachio nut dressing! Makes 8 cups

BING CHERRY COLESLAW  Bing cherries marinated in cinnamon and powdered sugar. Combined with cut green cabbage, sweet onion and celery and  tossed in a sweet creamy soy mayo, cream cheese and spicybrown mustard and celery seed dressing! Makes 6 cups

CATALINA COLESLAW  A creamy Madeira Catalina Dressing served over cabbage and carrot sticks, sliced almonds and mandarin oranges. Sweet, sour and smokey! Makes 1-1/2 cups dressing

CHERRY COLESLAW CHOP I like coleslaw with just about everything. This year I veered from the traditional and did a chop! Nice! Easy! Just don’t over process; you’ll end up with a drink instead! Enjoy yourself either way! Steve says this tastes and textures like a fine grind chicken salad. He’s right; it does!  Makes approx. 5 cups

CREAMY PEANUT COLESLAW  A creamy smooth sweet and sour peanut dressing with a hint of onion! Makes 1 cup

DANDELION COLESLAW A beautiful looking, feeling, tasting coleslaw from start to finish. I’ll bet you never had a dandelion green coleslaw. Well, there’s no time better than now – if you can locate the greens of course. I eat this salad as the whole meal. Winner Winner Dandelion Dinner! I love it! Steve too! Serves 6

FRENCH ASIAN COLESLAW Ribbons of green cabbage, carrot matchsticks and ruby red grapefruit segments tossed with a French, apricot, sesame oil and ginger dressing! Serves 6

PEACH AND MANDARIN ORANGE COLESLAW  with fresh sliced scallion. Tossed with a Creamy Sweet and Sour Almond Dressing with a hint of nutmeg! Serves 6-8

PINEAPPLE COCONUT COLESLAW A delicious, fresh tasting coleslaw made from Pineapple Topping (that is normally served over ice-cream), mustard, a dash of cinnamon and coconut. Tossed with shredded cabbage, fresh parsley and celery seed! Perfect for home or restaurant! Makes 2 cups dressing, approx. 7 cups coleslaw

PINEAPPLE COLESLAW I  Green cabbage, avocado, shredded carrot and green pepper tossed with a sweet and sour pineapple dressing! Serves 10

PINEAPPLE COLESLAW II Shredded cabbage tossed with a sweet sour creamy lemon and pineapple dressing! Makes 3-2/3 cups dressing

PINEAPPLE COLESLAW III Fresh strands of green cabbage tossed with a creamy pineapple soy mayonnaise flavored with ginger and dill! Makes 8 servings

PURPLE ASIAN SLAW Red cabbage, carrot matchsticks, celery, scallion and mission figs dressed with an AFC Asian Coffee Dressing! A different interpretation of coleslaw! Makes 4 cups salad – 3-1/2 cups dressing

RED CABBAGE SLAW with radish, carrot and red onion. Tossed with Tofu French Dressing, then topped with cashew crumbles! Makes 6-8 cups slaw; makes 2-1/2 cups dressing

RED RADISH COLESLAW   Shredded green cabbage and red radish tossed with green scallion, then coated with a creamy coconut, orange, lemon dressing! Makes 8 cups coleslaw

RED SNOWY COLESLAW Who puts vegan parmesan cheese on coleslaw? The Animal-Free Chef. I’m changing the face of coleslaw. Giving it a new face. Hearty enough to be a main dish! Pop. Pop. Pop. Makes 5-6 servings

SUN-DRIED TOMATO GINGER DRESSING FOR COLESLAW/GREEN SALADS Sweet, sour, smokey flavored sun-dried tomato dressing with walnuts, ginger and shallots. Tossed with cold shredded green cabbage or fresh, crisped escarole and sprinkled with salted cashew crumbles!  Makes 2-1/2 cups dressing

SWEET AND SOUR PURPLE COLESLAW Tender shredded red cabbage tossed with a sweet apple vinaigrette and topped with chopped Kalamata olives! Makes 7/8 cup dressing; serves 6-8

SWEET MUSTARD COLESLAW  Shredded cabbage tossed with a creamy sweet mustard dressing! Makes 3/4 cup dressing, serves 6-8

SYB’S COLESLAW Thin strands of green cabbage sprinkled with celery seed and drizzled with a heated sweet and sour sesame dressing! Makes 6 servings


APPLE PECAN BEAN SALAD with thinly sliced sweet onion and celery marinated in a sweet curry and cinnamon Balsamic vinaigrette. Fabulous! Makes 9 cups salad

BAKED BEAN SALAD with pineapple, pecans, celery and onion in a sweet sour maple curry vinaigrette! Makes 5-1/2 cups

BUTTER BEAN SALAD  with celery, onion, prunes and pine nuts in a white Balsamic vinaigrette with fresh ginger! Makes 3 cups

DONKEY APPLE BEAN SALAD Who would think something so simple could be so good. It’s fat-free and it’s going to be a staple lunch dish in my house for a long time! 1 Serving

JEWEL RICE SALAD Steamed rice and pearl-sized colorful vegetables marinated in a seasoned gourmet rice and fresh ginger. Garnished with pickled ginger slices. Makes 5-1/2 cups

KIDNEY AND CANNELINI BEAN SALAD with red onion and green pepper in a maple syrup flavored red wine vinaigrette! Makes 4 cups

LIMA BEAN AND CANNELINI BEAN SALAD  Baby lima beans and cannelini beans marinated with sliced celery and green scallion in a garlic and cilantro vinaigrette! Serves 10

MANDARIN ORANGE AND CUCUMBER BEAN SALAD  in a ginger garlic sweet onion vinaigrette! Makes 6-1/2 cups

MAPLE BALSAMIC PINEAPPLE BEAN SALAD Black, butter and red kidney beans with green pepper, onion, matchstick carrots and pineapple marinated in a creamy Maple Balsamic and coconut dressing! Exquisite! Makes 14 cups

PINTO BEAN AND RAISIN SALAD Sweet, sour, hot and crunchy. Bold! Makes 3 cups

PINTO BEAN SALAD Pinto beans, fresh Roma tomatoes and red onion marinated in an extra virgin olive oil and Balsamic vinegar dressing seasoned with garlic and basil! Serves 5

ASIAN-AMERICAN MACARONI-RICE SALAD or SHARON’S SUSHI SALAD  If  you want an exciting change from the same old macaroni salads, try this and experience the explosion of flavors dancing over your taste buds with every bite! Sweet, sour, salty, spicy and pungent! Makes 12 cups

OVEN-ROASTED PEPPERS AND EGGPLANT RICE SALAD   Savory rice combined with oven-roasted red and green peppers, eggplant and zucchini along with fresh cooked spinach. Mixed with a creamy Balsamic, fresh basil and garlic dressing! Makes 14 cups

WILD RICE SALAD  White and wild rices combined with sauteed onion, crimini mushrooms, green beans and cherry tomatoes. Tossed with a creamy sesame, chocolate and walnut dressing. Spectacular! Off the planet delicious! Makes 12 cups

YELLOW RICE AND BEAN SALAD Steamed yellow rice, kidney beans, petite peas, fresh green pepper and scallion in a dill pickle red wine vinaigrette! Makes 10 cup


AFRICAN FRUIT SALAD Yes it’s African. What’s the matter with that? Hey, I researched it after the fact of naming it African.  Africans eat dates, pineapples and bananas – there’s a big history there. That’s all the proof I need, that Africans don’t require animals in their diet. They just think they do. It’s a status symbol. Like with everybody. It’s all about status.

African Fruit Salad is one of the most delicious, easy to make and unique fruit salads of all time! Made with precision! And, it holds up well. And, you now have a way to keep your bananas from discoloring in the salad! Makes 7 cups salad

APPLE PECAN GINGER SALAD Red and green apple cubes, golden raisins and fresh ginger sticks tossed with a sweet lime and white Balsamic pecan and molasses dressing!  Makes almost 2 cups dressing and 6 cups salad

AVOCADO, GRAPEFRUIT AND PEAR SALAD with fresh romaine. Tossed with a strawberry fennel vinaigrette. An impressive fusing of soft, delicate hues! Serves 4

BING CHERRY AND BLUEBERRY SALAD with walnuts and apricot in a maple and spice vinaigrette! Makes 5 cups

BING CHERRY AND RED GRAPE SALAD   with navel and mandarin oranges, sweet onion rings and fresh green pepper. Marinated in a sweet-sour extra virgin olive oil, ginger, garlic and mint vinaigrette, with cinnamon, cloves and coriander! Makes 7 cups

BING CHERRY SALAD Crisp greens, sweet bing cherries and sliced red onion tossed with an olive oil and raspberry vinaigrette with a hint of cloves! Makes 4 servings

BLUEBERRY AND RED WINE SORBET SALAD Blueberries, cabernet sauvignon wine and pineapple juice blended, then frozen. Served on a butter lettuce leaf with mandarin orange segments! A delightful palate cleanser between courses! Serves 6

COMICE PEAR SALAD WITH GINGER BEER DRESSING Juicy, sweet, perfect texture, no need to peel the fruit, the skin is that tender. My perfect salad. Contains all the qualities a perfect dish requires to achieve perfection status!  Makes as many salads as you want

GINGER GRAPEFRUIT SALAD Ruby red grapefruit, green leaf lettuce and sweet onion rings tossed with a ginger, garlic maple mustard dressing! Serves 6

GREEK OLIVE FRUIT SALAD  The Greeks know more than any other culture the taste of the ‘game’ (the lamb) in the Kalamata olive. Pungent sweet, salty, acrid, fatty, chewy and tender at the same time. It’s all there – in a plant.Red and green grapes, cantaloupe, apple, pecans enveloped in the perfect sauce that brings the lamb so delicately close to the fruit absent the slaughter, that one must call it divine! Makes 6 cups

KIWI FRUIT SALAD Tender sweet fruits from New Zealand arranged on salad plates with banana and fresh sliced strawberries. Drizzled with a special maple, rum and lime dressing! Serves 4

MIDNIGHT FRUIT SALAD Sweet seedless black grapes and crescents of fresh orange tossed with extra virgin olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. Served in crisp lettuce cups! Makes 4-6 servings

ORANGE SAFFRON SALAD Crisp greens and cuts of fresh orange dressed with a saffron vinaigrette! Serves 4

SWEET APPLE AND ORANGE SALAD Sweet juicy apples, chunks of navel oranges and ringlets of sweet red onion dressed with a raspberry vinaigrette with a dash of hot mustard! Makes 2-3 servings

SWEET CURRY AND GINGER SALAD with Granny Smith apples, dried apricots and raisins! Makes 4 cups


RAINBOW VEGGIE SALAD Fresh steamed and cooled asparagus, tomato, cucumber, Aloha peppers and sweet onion topped with Cilantro Cumin Mayo! Yikes! Makes 4 main dish salads


DELIGHT SOY CHICKEN SALAD A perfect soy chicken mixed with celery, onion, carrot and walnuts. Seasoned with sage and coriander. Mixed with fresh cilantro and JUST MAYO. Makes a delightful vegan chicken salad for salad boats or sandwich or on an open-face French baguette appetizer topped with a dill cornichon pickle slice and a spot of mustard! Beautifully executed! Makes 3 cups

IMPERIAL CHICKEN SALAD Not your run of the mill chicken salad! I know I said I wasn’t going to cook on Christmas day, after cooking holiday dishes for two weeks, but Steve bought Lilly Belle five pounds of vegan popcorn nuggets for Christmas and I just had to make a chicken salad out of a portion of it. Technically I didn’t cook – I assembled. Like I said, not your ordinary chicken salad. Imperial! Makes 8 cups

TOFU PUP SANDWICH FILLING OR SALAD Tofu Pups and green cabbage processed to a small dice, then mixed with Butter Bean Hummus! Serve in hot dog bun as a sandwich, or scoop onto a lettuce leave absent the bread! High protein, reduced fat. Nice! Makes 4-1/2 cups


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