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You don’t have to make your own nut butters & spreads, except if you want an extra special experience and want to share that joy with someone you want to please. You need a strong powered processor to make it happen, so the next time you buy one, take that into account.

You can buy your jellies and preserves at the grocery store, but a homemade fruit spread, again, is a special experience. So give them a try on one of those ‘do something nice for yourself or another’ type of days! Then sit back and savor the sweet!


CHUNKY BARBECUE WALNUT PEANUT BUTTER   Just enough barbecue flavor in this chunky, chewy, melt in your mouth nut butter! Makes approx. 1-2/3 cups

SERRANO CHILI NUT SPREAD Walnuts, cashews and smoked almonds processed with pickled Serrano chilies, cracked pepper and extra virgin olive oil to produce a creamy whipped sensation! Makes 3 cups



ALMOND AND DIJON MUSTARD BUTTER  with garlic, allspice and cracked black pepper, with just a touch of sweet! Makes 2 cups

SMOKED ALMOND BUTTER  Smoked almonds, raw almonds, almond milk, brown sugar. Easy, creamy, delicious! Makes 4-1/2 cups


CREAMY CASHEW BUTTER I  Cashews, salt and oil, that’s all you need to create one of the most delicious, creamy nut/legume butters you’ve ever tasted! Makes 2-1/4 cups

CREAMY CASHEW BUTTER II  For all those allergic to peanut butter and all those not. Creamy deliciousness and homemade too! Makes 1 cup plus a little more



ASIAN PEANUT BUTTER  Mousse, whipped, light, creamy, startling, peanut butter. Asian absent the soy sauce. Wow, whoa…..I just engineered my very first animal-free ice-cream without realizing it! Makes 2 cups

COCOA COFFEE AND GINGER PEANUT BUTTER   Wow, You’ll never think the same way about peanut butter again! Makes 2 cups

MINCEMEAT PEANUT BUTTER  Mincemeat, creamy peanut butter and almond milk. That’s all it takes  to upgrade your sandwiches to spectacular! Makes 1-1/3 cups

PEANT BUTTER AND JELLY MOUSSE SPREAD  It only takes two ingredients, when combined, to raise the status of P&J to classy! Makes 2-1/2 cups

PEANUT BUTTER AND PRESERVES TOFU SPREAD   Natural creamy peanut butter combined with Silken tofu and three preserves: apricot, black cherry and peach! Use as a spread on your favorite toasted breads and muffins. Simple but special is where we’re going with this. Fluffy, smooth, melt in your mouth! Makes 3-3/4 cups

PEANUT BUTTER AND WHOLE GRAIN MUSTARD SPREAD   with brown sugar, Balsamic vinegar and smoke! Makes 2 cups



CHOCOLATE WALNUT BUTTER Walnuts, Hershey’s Syrup and Rich’s Non-Dairy Creamer processed till smooth. Great substitute for peanut butter sandwiches. This sandwich needs no jelly. Everybody will love it! Makes 2-1/2 cups

BARBECUE CHOCOLATE WALNUT TOAST  Toasted country-style French bread spread with Chocolate Walnut Butter, then topped with a quickly made smokey barbecue sauce. Tastes like an open-face chicken sandwich!

MAPLE WALNUT BUTTER   Peanut butter replacement for kids and adults! Walnuts processed till smooth, then combined with Grade B maple syrup and Silk Coconut Milk. Creamy delicious! No artificial ingredients! Makes 2-3/4 cups

SHARON’S MAPLE WALNUT CRUELLERS  Soft, rollable whole wheat bread thinly spread with Maple Walnut Butter. Rolled, pan-fried on all sides, dipped in powdered sugar, sprinkled with powdered cocoa, then served with a side of prepared yellow mustard and a side of maple syrup for dipping! Makes as many as you want



APPLE RAISIN SAUCE with white Balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, cinnamon and orange zest! Wow! Makes 2-1/2 cups

BLUEBERRY PUDDING JAM Do you like pudding? Do you like jam? Then how about a pudding jam? Amply spread it on your favorite toasted breads or spoon it over your favorite dairy free ice-cream! It sounds good because it is good! Blueberries, pineapple and prunes cooked with almond milk, cinnamon and coriander. Thickened with unmodified potato starch for a smooth gelatinous texture! Makes 4 cups

CRANBERRY BLUEBERRY SAUCE   A fresh cranberry and blueberry sauce made a little thinner than your traditional cranberry sauce, to be spooned over stuffing in place of gravy. Can also be used over English muffin or toast for breakfast or as a soy ice-cream topping! Makes 3-1/2 cups

FRESH BING CHERRY SAUCE   Flavored with orange and grape juices, Balsamic vinegar, and spice with a touch of cinnamon!  Makes 5-2/3 cups

FRESH FIG AND PEACH SAUCE   Fresh figs and peaches slow-cooked to produce a fragrant, tasty preserve-like sauce! Makes 5 cups

GINGER BEER BANANA CREAM SAUCE Alcohol-free, gluten-free, creamy, frothy sauce to pour over fresh fruit. Tastes so good you could drink it! Makes 3 cups

NECTARINE CHERRY SAUCE   Made with fresh nectarines, fresh Rainer cherries, ginger beer, Pinot Grigio wine and a dash of cinnamon. Woof, woof!! Makes 4 cup

ORANGE BLUEBERRY SAUCE   Flavored with maple syrup, brown sugar and cinnamon!  Makes 3 cups

STRAWBERRY SAUCE  Made with cranberry pomegranate juice! Makes 2 cups

SWEET LEMON SYRUP  Three sugars melted in fresh lemon water with lemon zest, reduced to create a smooth, sweet lemon syrup!  Makes 1-1/2 cups


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