Many vegans on social media act like recovering addicts needing to sponsor someone in order to stay vegan. They first pick their families. When that doesn’t work they go outside the family. 

That’s when they get desperate and start abusing others. 

That’s when they fall. These are the vegans nobody likes. They’re too needy.

Animal-eating needs to be recognized as the addiction it is. Much like coffee, alcohol and other drugs, not everyone gets the addiction disease. But when ingesting animal products at every meal and between meals, then when eliminating it from their lives, withdrawal of some sort occurs till the organism adapts.

When somebody says, “oh no, it’s not an addiction, I haven’t eaten animals in ten years and never looked back, never a problem for me”, they’re lying through their animal-eating teeth. Or, they have an eating disorder and are addicted to not eating, or they’re bingeing and throwing up, so the animal never gets processed through the body.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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