Fatty Veggie Sandwich



Toasted potato bread slices spread with veggie mayo on one, creamy peanut butter on the other. Top with dill relish and mustard. Add the veggies: crisp iceberg lettuce, ripe tomato and sweet onion, with a fresh pepper grind finish. A good morning afternoon evening delight!

Makes as many as you want (preferably one per person)

2 slices potato bread

creamy peanut butter, preferably at room temperature

veggie mayonnaise

dill pickle relish

prepared yellow mustard

crisp iceberg lettuce

ripe tomato slices

thinly sliced sweet onion

fresh grind black pepper

Toast 2 slices potato bread. Spread one slice with peanut butter and the second slice with veggie mayo.

Spread dill pickle relish on top of peanut butter, then squirt with a little mustard.

Top mayo side with lettuce, tomato and sweet onion.

Sprinkle all with fresh grind black pepper. Close, cut and welcome home!

Notes: Sure it’s a lot of fat for one sandwich, but it contains a lot of raw veggies too – not calorie-wise, but volume-wise. Although there’s no science on how raw foods can offset a higher fat content, I’m going with my instinct that says it’s an intelligent balance.

Steve would have added margarine to the mix. Sure it tastes that much better, but there’s a point where health should trump taste, when the taste is already way up there. Once in a while? Sure, but not every time you have a sandwich do you need margarine if you already have a fat source, such as peanut butter or veg mayonnaise.

I went over the imaginary fat line with two fat sources, but there’s no meat (plant or animal) on the sandwich.

Try it. It’s a great, easy to make, sandwich. I’ll bet black bread would taste great here too, but try the potato bread if stores in your locale sell it.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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