AFC Red Turkey Cheese Sauce


Wow. This is some nice sauce. Easy to make too! A joy. Great Turkey peppers – long tough and flavorful. Dairy-free cheese sauce of course. So where does the cheese come in? Beats me. All I know is I can taste the cheese. Chee-ee-zzz-y! These cashews don’t need to be soaked, we want the tiny bits – just process till teeny. We’re going to create a masterpiece using this sauce – as a celebratory gift to the world. In a couple of days I’ll post it.

Makes 4 cups

1/2, 16.4 oz. jar Divina Roasted Red Peppers from Turkey, plus all liquid in the jar – cut peppers into chunks (save remaining peppers for other use)

8.5 oz. pkg. unsalted, unroasted cashews (about 1-3/4 cups)

2 sm. yellow onions, peeled and diced

1/2 c. Kalamata olive juice from a jar of Kalamata olives

2 t. smoked paprika

2 t. garlic powder

2 t. dry mustard

2 t. pink Himalayan salt

10 whole, peeled garlic cloves – medium size

Place cut peppers and liquid from jar in food processor. Process till mixed.

Add remaining ingredients. Process till as smooth as possible. Expect tiny bits throughout, but evenly throughout. Process about 2 minutes, stopping every 30 seconds to prevent unit from overheating.

Notes: This sauce is not cooked. It keeps the flavors powerful. This is a base sauce that we’re going to use with other ingredients, so we want it strong.

We don’t use the olives here, since we want the color orange. We use, however, the juice from a jar of olives. Kalamata is a must have ingredient. Other olive juices will not do.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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