A special occasion calls for a special dessert! Animal-free of course! Happy Easter to you and yours. For those who don’t celebrate Easter, then celebrate something else that’s special to you!!

Makes a bunch

Chocolate covered strawberries look difficult to make, but they’re not.

All you need is a couple bags of animal-free chocolate chips and a basket of strawberries.

Add to that various toppings such as finely crushed nuts, sweetened flaked coconut, powdered sugar or powdered sugar mixed with unsweetened cocoa powder, or roll in a little sea salt. Or roll in granulated raw sugar with a touch of cinnamon. How about a dab of finely crushed espresso beans?

Place the chocolate chips in a pan over softly boiling water, stirring till melted, or place in a micro-wave till melted.

The key for dipping is to have enough chocolate in a deep container to make dipping easy. You’ll have chocolate left over. Let it harden, then store and use for something else.

Wash the berries, leaving the hulls (leaves) on. Drain and dry them on paper towels, then place long wooden skewers through centers.

Dip each berry into the chocolate, slanting a little to the side as you lift it out of the chocolate, rolling the skewer between your thumb and finger till the chocolate stops dripping.

Roll each berry in whatever topping you want.

I stuck the skewers between the rungs on a cooling rack till I finished all the berries. Then I placed a netted bag of citrus fruit into a large bowl and lined the sticks between the fruit and the bowl, snuggly enough so they didn’t fall over. Be creative in the way you dry and cool the chocolate. If I had had some styrofoam in which to stick the skewers I would have used that, but I didn’t.

Refrigerate till chocolate becomes solid.

When ready to serve, remove skewers and arrange on serving plate.

See, so simple. They don’t have to look perfect – unless you’re a professional candy maker.

Notes: If melting the chocolate over boiling water, make sure the water doesn’t spit up into the chocolate or touch anything that has water on it. It will ruin the melt.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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