Impress your guests. Or bring your Green Stogies to a cook-out! Jumbo veggie hot dog wrapped in cooked collard green leaf (hot or cold doesn’t matter) spread with mustard. Looks like a Stogie! Served in a potato bread hot dog bun spread with dill pickle relish and a stream of ketchup. Top all with chopped red onion and another stream of ketchup! 

Makes 1

*15 MINUTE COLLARD GREENS. Make these greens. Refrigerate for use with THE GREEN STOGIE. Recipe below.

1 jumbo veggie hot dog (I used Field Roast Frankfurter – thawed – boiled in casing according to pkg. instruction; peel casing and discard)

1 cooked and drained collard green leaf (be sure it isn’t wet, otherwise you’ll make the bun too soggy)

prepared yellow mustard

fresh grind black pepper

1 potato bread hot dog bun

dill pickle relish


chopped red onion

Lay out 1 collard green leaf on counter. Spread evenly with prepared yellow mustard.

Sprinkle lightly with black pepper.

Place cooked veggie hot dog near edge of leaf closest to you, then begin to roll hot dog in leaf. When halfway done, tuck in ends, then continue to roll.

Spread dill relish in hot dog bun, followed by a light stream of ketchup.

Place Green Stogie in bun. Top with chopped red onion and another light stream of ketchup. Eat and like it!

I know, you love it – just like me!

Notes: It’s okay to use the collard leaves cold. Just be sure to blot dry. The hot dog will immediately warm the leaf when wrapped around it.



Not everything we eat is a recipe containing several foods and methods. Sometimes plain, by itself, with nothing else is just as good. Try these collard greens and see if you agree!

Serves 1

1 bunch fresh collard greens

(use only fresh; do not use yellowish/green or partially yellowed tipped greens; they will take forever to cook and not taste very good; do not ever use musty greens, even if they appear super green – cooking will not remove the musty smell)

Unwrap greens and discard any outer leaves that are brown-tinged, broken and otherwise look bruised.

Lay one leaf at a time on a board or countertop. Using a large knife start at the smallest part of the stalk which is located near the top of the leaf, and draw the knife down along the side of the stalk to the end. Do the same with the other side. Discard stalk. Repeat with remaining leaves and stalks.

Place leaves into large bowl filled with tap water in sink. Wash thoroughly to remove all dirt and/or sand. Rinse very well under new/fresh water.

Bring several quarts of water in pot to boil. Do not salt. Place collards in boiling water and submerge using large spoon. Partially cover and cook 15 minutes, stirring now and then.

When tender lift from boiling water into colander. Check for tenderness by ripping off a piece and tasting it.

And you’re done. Perfect collard greens every time. Use as directed in a recipe or eat plain, as is, just like they are straight from the pot. No need for oil, citrus and seasoning. No salt and pepper wanted.

Eat the whole bunch yourself or share it. Grab a big pinch from the refrigerator a few times throughout the day as a nutritious snack that tastes good too!



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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