“Hi Aunt Sharon! Hope all is well! I just made your Energizer Breakfast Burrito and it was delicious!!! I’ve been having cereal before work, but I’m hungry an hour later, plus it’s so bland. If you come up with anything as simple as and similar to the burrito send them my way :)”

Nothing I like better than a special request and the challenge of exceeding expectations! Now this combination…everyone’s going to think, what the—-?? So did I during the thought exploration process. But it worked and worked great! Hope you like it Steph. XO



Yes, the wieners are dates! Perfect fit – who would think? And raw sauerkraut – any flavor will do, but the raw? – I like what it does to me insides. Feels good, tastes delicious. Use any mustard you like, I went with ball park, because I wanted to hit this one into the next city! Try the Jif Almond Butter, readily available in most markets. Super smooth! A tiny drizzle of maple syrup makes you want to kiss the tree that bled it for what it does to this breakfast roll up!!

Makes 1

Alright, these are the ingredients: 

1, 6 inch flour tortilla, heated in dry, hot skillet a few seconds on each side to soften enough to roll

Jif brand Almond Butter – at room temperature best

Ball Park mustard, or any that you like – I used Bertman’s

3 tender-soft, moist/glistening, whole dates – I used Dole brand

raw sauerkraut – I used Whiskey Dill Cleveland Kraut

Grade A maple syrup – I used Maple Valley SugarBush Farms

fresh grind black pepper

Spread heated flour tortilla evenly with about 1-1/2 tablespoons almond butter.

Spoon a couple tablespoons sauerkraut across middle of tortilla.

Squirt a little mustard alongside the kraut on the almond butter.

Alongside the other side of the kraut place 3 dates, end to end, like link sausage.

Drizzle no more than 1 teaspoon of maple syrup over all. You don’t want it to drip out while eating it.

Sprinkle with a little fresh grind black pepper.

Roll tortilla up over dates and sauerkraut, tucking snuggly under them, then finish rolling. Wipe excess liquid dripping from flap with paper towel.

Return to skillet, flap-side down, to seal flap closed over medium heat. Or not. It’s not required.

Cut roll in half with sharp knife and eat.

Notes: After eating one roll, I didn’t even think of eating again till I had cleaned the entire apartment – big cleaning, moving furniture, cleaning behind the refrigerator, under the dust cover – you get the picture. Very satisfying and effective.

I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of raw sauerkraut and I’m a believer. Of course I like any kind of kraut, but the raw is special and does special things for you.

I have no idea why I thought dates would work here, but I just came off an assignment developing cookies containing dates, so I guess I still had dates on my mind. It’s a brilliant combination. If someone didn’t know better, they’d think they were eating mini wieners. It’s that close!

These are easy ingredients to keep on hand, so you can make one of these sandwiches any time you want.


  • Although I like Bertman’s Ball Park Mustard, I condemn in the strongest terms the racist image on the bottle that represents the Cleveland Indians baseball franchise.


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