Who says you can’t have veggies for breakfast? Put roasted beet cubes in black cherry yogurt with prunes, fresh basil and almond crumbles and you have a complete meal – a lovely way to get you started on your day!

Serves 2

2 sm. containers (5.3 oz. ea.) Black Cherry SILK YOGURT

1 c. roasted beet cubes  (3/8 inch square)

10 soft, plump, glistening prunes, cut into halves or thirds, plus 2 for garnish (I used SUN- MAID brand)

plain almond crumbles (process 2 c. plain almonds in food processor till evenly mealy and oil just begins to leach from nuts; pack in covered jar and use as needed)

3-4 fresh basil leaves, chopped – plus a couple for garnish

fresh lemon slices or wedges, again for garnish

In mixing bowl combine yogurt, beets, prunes and chopped basil. Stir to evenly distribute.

Spoon half the yogurt mixture equally between to serving cups.

Top each with a tablespoon of almond crumbles, parfait-style.

Spoon remainder of yogurt mixture equally between the two cups.

Top each with an additional tablespoon of almond crumbles on each.

Place 1 prune on top of each as garnish, a fresh basil sprig in the yogurt and a lemon slice/wedge to the side to squeeze over the yogurt.

Make this dish up ahead of time – a couple days even – then spoon into cups just before eating. Sprinkle nuts and garnish appropriately. Forget the garnish if you’re at home. Just sprinkle with nut crumbles and eat. For restaurants, use the garnish and uptick the price.

The longer the prunes sit in the yogurt, the more they take on the black cherry flavor – a very nice combination.

Next time, I’ll add one more container yogurt plus 1 cup pitted, sliced Bing cherries, and make three servings. Maybe garnish with lemon zest instead of the slice, or orange zest.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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