Save the heels of the bread



Years ago, my mother always ate the heels of every loaf of bread, not wanting to waste food. She didn’t require that we kids eat them, only pointed out that they were still bread and good too. None of us wanted them, thinking they were discards. It’s not that she didn’t eat the center slices, only that she wasn’t about to throw away perfectly good food.

I changed my mind on that.

Here I am with no bread in the house, except for two heels of potato bread left in the plastic bag in the fridge, and I want a sandwich.

So I decided to make a grilled cheese from the heels, rather than go to the store.

Veg mayo spread on one slice, prepared yellow mustard on the second slice. Then top with a slice and a half of Chao cheese, some sliced red onion and a few sliced pickled banana peppers. Sprinkle with black pepper.

Heat skillet to medium, drizzle with some oil, grill one side till browned, then raise sandwich in a spatula, drizzle a little more oil in skillet, flip the sandwich and brown second side.

Once it’s flipped, press down with spatula, then cover till cheese softens or melts. Remove cover, flip to re-crisp top side and serve.

Wow. Nice sandwich. Nice hold. The onion and peppers didn’t squish out the sides when eaten, because the heels didn’t break when I ate it.

Mom was right, they taste just like the rest of the loaf. But the grilled veg cheese sandwich made with them? Off the planet!



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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