Greek-style hummus spread on a charred flour tortilla. Topped with hearts of romaine lettuce, English cucumber slices, Kalamata olives and fresh cracked pepper, then wrapped and rolled!

Makes as many as you want

For each wrap:

1, 6 inch flour tortilla

Greek-Style Hummus (I used Garden Fresh Gourmet brand)

1 leaf hearts of romaine lettuce, torn to fit across the center of the tortilla

sev. thin slices English cucumber – the long, thin seedless variety – unpeeled

sev. pitted Kalamata olives

fresh cracked pepper

Briefly hold a flour tortilla over a gas stove flame, or place briefly on hot electric stove coils to make a few char marks, then flip and char the other side the same way.

Place on counter and evenly spread with hummus.

Across the center place the lettuce – in about an inch from the left side, allowing for wrapping room.

Top the lettuce with cucumber slices, followed by the olives, then sprinkle with cracked pepper to taste.

Lift the edge closest to you up, over and around the ingredients, tucking them in. Lift the left side up and over toward the middle about an inch, then roll. Take a dab of hummus and spread on the inside of the flap to seal the wrap and hold the edge in place. Serve.

Notes: With a sandwich made from bread, the messy part is often in the eating of it, not the making of the sandwich. With a wrap it’s just the opposite – the messy part is often in the wrapping of it, not the eating of the wrap.

This was the first time I’ve used this product – Greek-Style Hummus by Garden Fresh gourmet – and I love it. Creamy with a fresh lemon taste.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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