with prunes, bananas, dried cranberries, walnuts and fresh ginger sticks. Tossed with vanilla and peach Silk dairy-free yogurts! Great breakfast!

Makes 7 cups

1 whole, ripe pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into bite-sized wedges or chunks

2 lg. bananas, sliced

1 c. whole prunes (soft and moist)

1 c. flaked coconut

1/2 c. dried cranberries

1/2 c. walnut halves

2 heaping T. fresh, peeled tiny ginger sticks

6 oz. container Silk peach dairy-free yogurt

6 oz. container Silk vanilla dairy-free yogurt

Place pineapple, banana, prunes, coconut, cranberries, walnuts and ginger in large bowl. Toss gently to distribute.

Add both containers of yogurt. Toss gently again to coat all ingredients. Serve.

Notes: To prevent the banana slices from breaking apart, don’t over-mix or mix too hard.

Refreshing, hearty, nutritious and delicious!

The fresh ginger adds a perfect zest to the fruit.

You can’t save leftovers for the next day, because the bananas will turn brown, so count on eating it all day. Not difficult!


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