Vegenaise combined with soy bacon bits provides the mayo and the ‘bacon’. Layered with fresh, ripe roma tomatoes and crisp cuts of hearts of romaine, a little shaved sweet onion, a little fresh cracked pepper and you have a perfect veggie BLT wrapped in a charred tortilla!

Makes as many as you want

Directions for 1 serving:

2-3 T. veggie mayonnaise (I used Vegenaise – Grapeseed variety)

1-2 t. soy bacon bits

1, 6 inch flour tortilla

4-5 slices fresh roma tomato

very, very thinly sliced sweet onion – transparent

cuts of fresh hearts of romaine lettuce

fresh cracked pepper


Combine the veggie mayo and soy bacon bits in cup. Stir well.

Place the flour tortilla briefly on the gas flame on your stove, or place briefly, directly on the coils of your electric stove burner to make the char marks.

Spread with baco-mayo.

Looking down at the tortilla, place tomato toward the top, going down about 2/3rds toward you, while leaving space on both sides (as well as the bottom) for wrapping.

Place onion over the tomato, then place lettuce over the onion. Sprinkle with black pepper.

Now, lift the bottom up and over the veggies. Then, fold the right side over beyond the middle. Then fold the left side over beyond the middle.

Now, using your finger dab a little of the mayo and smear it on the underside edge of the top flap – like glue- then fasten down with pressure to make it stick.

Now eat! Wow, isn’t that a great BLT? Veggie? Are you kidding me? It has all the elements you need and want in a perfect BLT tortilla. It’s Tortilla Time!! Shake it up baby!

Notes: The char flavor from the charred tortilla completes the deal here. You don’t get that in a BLT made from bread – or toasted bread.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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