with sweet cream and mint. Topped with salted cashew crumbles, then drizzled with Hazelnut Kalua and lemon liqueur!

Serves 2

1 lg. banana, sliced

1 c. fresh, ripe, hulled, sliced strawberries

1/4 c. non-dairy creamer (I used Rich’s Non-Dairy Creamer – gluten-free)

1/4 c. powdered sugar

sprinkle of dried finely crushed mint, of chopped fresh mint

2 t. Hazelnut Kalua

2 t. Caravella Lemon liqueur

about 1/4 c. salted cashew crumbles (place 1-2 c. whole salted cashews in food processor and process till oil just begins to leak from the crumbles; transfer to jar, keeping out 1/4 c. for this recipe)

Place banana, strawberries, non-dairy creamer, powdered sugar, and mint in bowl. Toss to dissolve the sugar.

Spoon into dessert dishes. Top each with about 2 T. cashew crumbles, then drizzle each with a little Hazelnut Kalua and lemon liqueur. Serve.

Notes: Little effort goes into this fine dessert. You may also want to serve it as your fruit dish for a special brunch!

When processing the cashews don’t over-process to nut butter, but don’t under-process whereby you have cashew dust rather than crumbles.