Fresh blueberries cooked with almond coconut milk and flavored with coriander and cinnamon. Spread this on your favorite morning toast or English muffin – and sail out the door in a great frame of mind! Treat yourself – why not?

Makes about 5 cups

2 lbs. fresh blueberries

1/2 c. water

3/4 c. light brown sugar

1/3 c. cornstarch

2 c. Almond Coconut Milk (I used Almond Breeze brand)

1/2 t. sea salt

2 t. ground coriander

In extra-large saucepan combine blueberries and water. Bring to boil, cook 1 minute, then remove from heat.

Add brown sugar, stir till dissolved.

Combine cornstarch and almond milk in bowl, and stir with whisk till completely dissolved. Add to blueberries.

Return to medium heat. Stir well and often till blueberries thicken.

Add sea salt and coriander. Stir well, and continue to cook, stirring often, till preserves turns dark purple. Cool in pan to room temperature.

Spoon into jars and refrigerate. Then spoon over your favorite toast.

Notes: If you like blueberry pie, you’ll love this! It’s a thinner type of preserve – not like the jarred varieties.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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