Garlic-flavored textured vegetable protein (TVP) creates the meaty texture, and the Kalamata olives combined with spices and herbs provides the meaty flavor/texture plus the wine flavor, absent the wine, in this special veggie version of Bolognaise, a classic Italian dish of meat, sauce, garlic, wine and pasta.

Makes 8 cups

3 T. extra virgin olive oil

10 peeled garlic cloves, finely chopped

1/2 c. textured vegetable protein (TVP)

1-1/2 c. peeled, diced onion, 1/2 inch squares

1 t. salt

2 c. Truly Tomato juice (by Dei Fratelli)

26.46 oz. carton Truly Tomato Finely Diced Tomatoes

1 t. onion powder

1 t. garlic powder

1 t. dried basil

1 t. dried tarragon

1/2 t. dried oregano

1/4 t. dried thyme, crushed

1/2 t. cinnamon

1/4 t. red cayenne pepper

6 oz. can tomato paste mixed in bowl with 2 cans water till smooth

1 c. sm. pitted Kalamata olives (if using lg. olives, chop coarsely)

1/2 stick or 1/4 c. margarine

fresh basil leaves for garnish, some sliced, some whole (optional)

In extra-large skillet, over medium-low heat, melt olive oil. Add garlic, TVP, onion and salt. Stir well, then saute till onion becomes translucent, being careful not to burn the garlic or char the TVP.

Add remaining ingredients, except for olives, margarine and basil, stirring after each addition. Bring to soft boil, then cover, reduce heat to low and cook 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add olives and margarine, stir well till margarine melts, cover and cook 45 minutes longer, again stirring occasionally. Salt to taste, remove from heat till ready to reheat and serve.

Serve over your favorite pasta. Top with sliced fresh basil a/o a couple whole leaves per serving.

Notes: The first night I served this special sauce over linguini. The second night, there wasn’t enough for seconds (which normally we have when eating pasta), so I cooked up a little rigatoni, topped it with a pan-fried veggie chicken patty, then topped the patty with a little sauce. Tasted great.

kalamata-olive-bolognaise-with-chikn (1)


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