Pan-fried chik’n burgers served on  broiled ciabatta buns spread with a creamy dill pickle Jack Daniel’s sauce, and layered with Japanese cucumber, shredded lettuce and onion!

Makes 4 burgers


1/2 c. Jack Daniel’s Original No. 7 Recipe – barbecue sauce

1/2 c. soy sour cream

2 T. soy bacon bits

1/4 c. finely diced kosher dill pickle (no relish; it adds too much liquid)

1/4 t. salt

In small bowl combine all ingredients. Stir well to completely incorporate the sour cream.


4 ciabatta buns, cut in half and broiled insides facing up, till golden (only broil that one side)

extra virgin olive oil for frying

4 Veggie Chik’n Burgers (I used MorningStar brand Chik’n Grillers)

4 thin slices Japanese/English cucumber slices per burger

4 thinly sliced rounds of sweet onion per burger

shredded iceberg lettuce – stack leaves, then cut into very thin strips

freshly ground black pepper

Make the sauce, prep the veggies and broil the buns. Set aside.

In large skillet, over medium heat, drizzle a couple tablespoons olive oil. Place burgers in skillet and fry on one side till golden browned. Flip burgers, then spoon about 1 tablespoon sauce on the top of each burger.

Fry on second side till browned and as well-done as you like, then flip burgers over onto the sauce side. Turn heat off.

Assembly for each burger:

Spread both halves liberally with sauce. Place the burger on the thicker half.  Top with 4 slices cucumber, then with the onion.

Mound the lettuce on the second half. Sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper. close, cut and serve.

Notes: I’ve never put cucumber on a burger before. It textured and tasted great.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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