White and wild rices combined with sauteed onion, crimini mushrooms, green beans and cherry tomatoes. Tossed with a creamy sesame, chocolate and walnut dressing. Spectacular! Off the planet delicious!

Makes 12 cups

White rice:

3 c. water

1 t. salt

2 c. parboiled long grain white rice

In large saucepan bring water and salt to boil. Add rice, stir. Return to boil, stir again. Cover tightly, reduce heat to low and cook 20 minutes. Transfer to very large mixing bowl and fluff with fork to aerate.

Wild rice:

3 c. water

1 t. salt

1 c. wild rice

In medium saucepan bring water, salt and rice to boil. Cover, reduce heat to low and cook 45 minutes, stirring occasionally, or till tender to your liking. Strain rice when done to remove excess cooking liquid.

Add to white rice. Toss to distribute evenly.


2 T. sesame oil

1 c. peeled, diced onion, 1/2 inch squares

8 oz. baby Portobello mushrooms (crimini), cut into 1/2 inch cubes

1 t. salt

freshly ground black pepper

3 c. froz. cut green beans

1 t. garlic powder

In large skillet, over medium heat, melt sesame oil. Add onion, mushroom, salt and a little freshly ground black pepper. Saute till caramelized.

Add green beans and garlic powder. Stir and cook 1 minute. Remove from heat and set aside, stirring occasionally.  Beans will soften from the heat of the skillet, after the heat is turned off.

Dressing: Makes 2-1/4 cups

2/3 c. sesame oil

2/3 c. dark brown sugar

1 c. Sherry wine vinegar

4-6 peeled garlic cloves, coarsely cut

4 t. dry mustard

1 t. salt

1/4 c. dairy-free chocolate chips

1/2 c. walnut halves

Place oil, sugar, vinegar, garlic, dry mustard and salt in blender container. Blend till very smooth.

Add chocolate chips; blend again till very smooth.

Add walnuts; blend till as creamy as you can get it. Set aside.


2 c. fresh cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered depending on size

Add saute mixture to rice. Toss.

Add tomatoes to rice. Toss.

Pour as much dressing as you want over the salad, and toss to evenly coat all ingredients, keeping in mind that the rice will absorb some of the dressing. I’d go for more rather than less.

Serve at room temperature to appreciate all the flavors and textures.

Notes: Cold rice hardens; that’s why we serve rice salads at room temperature.

Bring this salad to a pot luck, picnic, or serve on a buffet. Guests will love it.

I used Roland brand sesame oil with great results.

You’ll be surprised what the chocolate combined with the sesame oil does for this unique, but strangely familiar, salad dressing! Go ahead, impress your guests!

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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