An easy to make, delightful summer dessert. It’s rich, so you don’t need much, but oh so refreshing. Lemon cream pie without the crust is how I look at the calorie content. Everybody deserves a little ‘fluff’ for dessert now and then!

Makes 5 servings

2 c. Rich’s Whip Topping (ready to whip), thawed

21 oz. can lemon pie filling ( I used Giant Eagle brand)

zest of 1 lg. lemon for garnish, and juice from the squeeze, 1/4 c. ( strained to remove pulp and seeds)

Place thawed topping in deep bowl. Whip with wire whisk till it forms high peaks when lifted from the bowl. Measure out 2 cups and place in another bowl. Freeze the remainder in covered plastic container for other use.

Add lemon pie filling and lemon juice to the whipped topping. Stir and fold till evenly dispersed. Spoon equal amounts into 5 small custard cups or dessert dishes. Sprinkle each with lemon zest. Refrigerate till cold.

Notes: Always zest the lemon (or orange) before cutting in half to squeeze the juice.

Although I didn’t add vanilla extract to this dessert, you can do that if you want a vanilla component. Just add 1/2-1 teaspoon vanilla when you add the lemon juice squeeze.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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