Toasted English muffin spread with veggie mayonnaise and mustard. Layered with red roasted pepper, fried veggie bologna, iceberg lettuce and fresh spinach. Sprinkled with fresh cracked pepper. Five minutes from start to finish. Sink your teeth into satisfaction and make your taste buds happy!

Makes 1 sandwich

1 English muffin, lightly toasted

veggie mayonnaise (I used Earth Balance, but Vegenaise is just as good)

prepared yellow mustard

sweet red roasted pepper

iceberg lettuce

a few fresh spinach leaves

2 veggie bologna slices (I used Lightlife brand)

a little oil for frying

Pour a little oil in a medium skillet, over medium-low heat. Add enough roasted pepper to cover the bottom surface of the English muffin. Heat through.

Lightly toast the English muffin. Spread one half with veggie mayonnaise and the other half with  mustard.

Place the roasted pepper on the half with the veggie mayonnaise. Top with lettuce followed by the spinach.

Place veggie bologna in skillet. Heat through quickly, turning once. Place over spinach, close sandwich and eat.

Notes: It takes five minutes to make yourself a super tasting and textured sandwich, that you couldn’t buy out.

If you don’t have veggie mayonnaise on hand, then spread one half of the muffin with margarine till melted and top sparsely with sweet green relish. It tastes great either way.

When cooking veggie deli slices always do it quickly to prevent them from becoming hard around the edges.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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