with sweet red roasted peppers and veggie ham!  Tastes like it was cooked outdoors over an open flame!

Makes 4-6 sandwiches

8 oz. Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese, plain

1 t. garlic powder

1/2 t. salt

2 T. finely minced onion (minced means minuscule pieces; shave the onion with a knife, then chop very fine)

very light sprinkling of red cayenne pepper

2 T. nutritional yeast flakes

salt to taste  (I used about 1/4 t. more)

potato bread

sweet red roasted peppers, drained briefly on paper towels

2 veggie ham slices per sandwich (I used Yves brand)

freshly ground black pepper


cooking oil (I used extra virgin olive oil)

Combine in bowl the Tofutti cheese, garlic, salt, onion, red cayenne pepper and nutritional yeast, stirring well after each addition till cream cheese is soft and ingredients evenly distributed.

For each sandwich: Spread cheese mixture evenly over both bread slices, not too much since you don’t want it to ooze all over the skillet when grilling it.

On one slice of bread place roasted peppers to almost cover the bread.

On the second slice place 2 veggie ham slices.

Sprinkle the veggie ham with freshly ground black pepper.

Sprinkle the roasted peppers very lightly with salt. Close sandwich.

Pour a little oil into a large skillet. Heat over medium heat till hot.

Place the sandwiches in the skillet, moving them around to evenly coat with oil.

Fry till charred on one side (or less charred if you prefer).

Lift sandwiches from skillet, add a little more oil and fry the second side the same way you fried the first side.

Remove from skillet, cut and serve immediately.

Notes: I like my grilled cheese sandwiches charred, but you do yours how you like. Either way, it’s a delicious grilled sandwich. The Tofutti melts just enough to create a creaminess on the tongue.

A cast iron skillet works best when grilling anything. Stainless steel works too. Teflon coated skillets, however, won’t produce the crisp we’re looking for in the grilling.

The nutritional yeast flakes add a subtle cheesy flavor to the overall flavor achievement. Locate in stores that sell bulk foods and in some supermarkets in the organic section. It’s inexpensive.

Potato bread has a subtle sour taste that combines expertly with the ‘cheese’ in this sandwich.

This spread can also be used as an hors d’oeuvre.  Make the spread as directed. Place it in the refrigerator several hours or even overnight. When ready to serve your guests:  Stir to fluff it up, transfer to serving bowl. Surround with crackers and garnish with a little fresh chopped parsley. The longer the spread sets, the more potent the onion becomes and it tastes like a French onion spread! Wonderful and easy!



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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