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Pumpkin blended with Coconut Almond Milk, vanilla, sugar and nutmeg! Serve as a cold dessert soup or as a beverage dessert either plain or spiked with brandy or sweet Marsala wine!  Serve ginger snaps alongside! Happy New Year!

Makes 4-1/2 cups

3 c. unsweetened Coconut Almond Milk by Blue Diamond

2 c. canned pumpkin, chilled

1/4 c. white sugar

1/4 c. light brown sugar

2 T. corn oil

1 T. vanilla extract

1/2 t. nutmeg

1/4 t. salt

additional nutmeg

Place all ingredients in blender container, then blend till very smooth and frothy.

Serve cold either right away, or refrigerate in covered container till ready to use. Re-blend before serving. Pour into small dessert cups if serving as a soup, or pour into fancy glasses if serving as a dessert beverage. Sprinkle with additional nutmeg. Serve with ginger snaps.

Notes: Serve Pumpkin Nog either plain or spiked with brandy or Marsala wine etc. If adding a liqueur, do it in the blender container, blending till frothy.

You can vary this recipe any way you’d like. Use flavored soy milks or flavored almond milks. You’ll need less sugar if using the flavored varieties. If using a vanilla flavored milk, use less vanilla. Vary your spices: Add ginger, cinnamon, cloves, whatever you like.

If you’d like the nog thinner, then add more milk or less pumpkin.


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