Fresh figs and peaches slow-cooked to produce a fragrant, tasty preserve-like sauce!

Makes 5 cups

12 fresh, ripe figs, washed

6 fresh, ripe peaches, unpeeled, washed

1 c. sugar

1/3 c. water

1 t. cinnamon

1/2 t. salt

Using tip of paring knife, cut tiny core from bottom of each fig, then cut off stems from opposite ends, then quarter each fig.

Slice each peach into 1/4 inch wide slices/segments by running paring knife, from end to end, around pit, at a slant, till only the pit remains. Slices will fall off as you cut them.

Place figs and peaches into large saucepan, followed by remaining ingredients.

Cook over medium heat till fruit softens, then stir well and pat fruit down evenly to cover with the liquid.

Cover tightly, reduce heat to low, and cook for about 1-1/2 hours, stirring and patting fruit down occasionally, till soft and tender.

Cool at room temperature, then spoon into jar and refrigerate till ready to use.

Notes: Fresh, ready to eat figs are very soft to the touch. I don’t bother peeling the figs or the peaches. The peels add texture and flavor.

Cooking at a low heat for a long time creates a better sauce, more like preserves.

Serve chilled, warm or at room temperature over soy ice-cream, toasted breads, French toast, muffins etc.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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