Onion, potato, green pepper, zucchini and tomato layered in aluminum foil with bay leaves, margarine and salt and pepper. Wrapped tightly, then steam-baked in oven till tender!

Serves 1

1 sm. onion, thinly slices

1 sm. potato, thinly sliced

½ green pepper, sliced into thin strips

1-12 very thin slices zucchini rounds

2-3 sm. fresh tomato slices

¼ t. salt

1/8 t. black pepper

2 bay leaves

1 T. margarine

Pull out 2 sheets aluminum foil (standard thickness) of equal sizes, 12 x 16 inches. Place one evenly on top of the other.

Begin to layer vegetables in center of foil: Lay 2 rows of onion, side by side, then layer potato slices over the onion.

Salt and pepper the potato, then top with green pepper strips, zucchini and tomato.

Sprinkle tomato with more pepper, then place margarine on top of that.

Slide bay leaves under the onion, one on each side.

Gently bring foil together and roll down twice to seal. Then fold ends in envelope fashion and roll one or twice towards center.

Bake in preheated 375 degree oven for 1 hour. Remove from oven; open foil and serve immediately—in foil.

Notes: Although I usually serve this dinner alone, you may want a salad with it. If you do, serve the salad after the dinner, not before or during. The reason is that the sharp bite of the dressing will overshadow the subtle flavors of the vegetables and their juices. Better to enjoy this meal all by itself.

When making T.V. dinners for more than one, wrap in individual aluminum foils; don’t put 2 or more servings in one wrap. It defeats the purpose of giving everyone their individual T.V. dinner.

The reason I use two thinner type aluminum foil pieces is because the heavy duty wraps too bulky around the veggies. Two regular thicknesses work much better. It bends easier.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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