Pan-fried potato patties with petite peas and curry. Delicate crispy and golden. Made from instant mashed potatoes. Served with chilled applesauce!

Makes 5-7

1-2/3 c. water

1 t. corn oil

½ t. salt

1-1/3 c. Potato Buds (Betty Crocker Instant Potatoes – gluten-free)

½ t. mild curry powder

½ t. onion powder

1/3 c. froz. petite peas

additional corn oil

chilled applesauce (Mott’s brand is gluten-free)

Combine water, corn oil and salt in medium saucepan. Bring to boil, then remove from heat.

Add Potato Buds, curry powder and onion powder. Stir well with wire whisk or fork till well-blended and creamy (use a potato masher if you like).

Add peas and stir to disperse evenly.

Heat a skillet over medium-high heat till very hot. Add a little corn oil and swirl it around the pan. Drop mashed potato mixture by spoonfuls into skillet. Gently flatten with spoon or spatula into patties.

Cook till golden brown and crispy. Flip patties over and cook on second sides till golden browned and crispy. Turn only once.

Serve with chilled applesauce.

Notes: For this recipe don’t follow instructions on the box of potatoes; they are different than what’s recommended for these patties.

Notice the delicate lace-like texture of the patties when cooked till crispy and golden browned. Do not cook on real high heat; the pan will smoke and the patties will burn. On too low heat the patties will not crisp.

Flatten these patties till fairly thin.

Cast iron skillets always work better when crisping what you’re pan-frying.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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