Dressings don’t get much better than this one! And it’s so easy. Ah-h.

Makes 2 cups

1/4 c. mixed nuts (walnuts and pecans are good choices)

1-1/2 cups Ken’s Steak House Sweet Vadalia Onion, bottled, Salad Dressing

1/3 c. Marsala wine

1/2 c. nondairy liquid creamer

salt to taste

Combine nuts and the sweet onion dressing in a blender container. Blend till smooth, then add remaining ingredients. Blend again till frothy. Taste. WOW!

Chill and serve.

Notes: Serve as a dressing over any green salad or fruit salad. It works great with both.

Because this bottled dressing is produced by a steak house, my first reaction was to omit it from the selection of  dressing recipes, and perhaps by the time this recipe gets posted, that bottled dressing will be obsolete. However, I believe that we all need to support whatever products are produced without cruelty (when we like them), even when the same company produces other products with cruelty.

In places where this product is not available, substitute any sweet creamy onion dressing.


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