A thick, creamy light green salad dressing designed for people on acid-free diets (no vinegar or lemon). Flavored with fresh cilantro!

Makes 1-1/4 cups

1/2 c. corn oil

1/4 c. whole salted cashews

1/4 c. water

1/4 c. frozen petite peas

1/4 c. fresh cilantro leaves

salt to taste

Combine corn oil and cashews in blender container. Blend on low speed till crushed. Add water, and blend on medium speed till creamy.

Add peas, cilantro and salt; blend again till smooth and creamy. Adjust for salt, cover and refrigerate till chilled.

Drizzle 1-3 tablespoons over fresh greens and vegetables of your choice.

Notes: Salad suggestion: crisped torn romaine lettuce topped with thawed frozen peas, sweet onion rings and sauteed fresh cubed mushrooms, in that order. Spoon dressing over, then if desired, top with homemade croutons.


© 2017 by Chef Sharon Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef, activist. IT'S free to read, and share with proper credit, not to own or share as your own. CHANGING a few words doesn’t alter the DNA of the work. LIKE a mother knows her children no matter the alterations in appearance, I know my gift when I see it on someone else, even when portions are replaced with a poacher’s words. IF you receive the goods, you are as much a poacher of talent, words and images as the poacher who stole them – no matter the purpose. I am not free and you are making me less free by stealing my intellectual material and putting other peoples names to it. CHANGING A FEW WORDS PROVES YOU KNOW YOU'RE LIABLE. STEALING another person's intellectual material isn't flattery; it's stealing. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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