Steve’s Triple-Decker with Yves deli ham, tomatoes and sweet red roasted peppers topped with mustard on Italiano bread. Spread with Homemade Animal-Free Butter!

Makes 1 sandwich

3 slices Italiano bread, a soft crusted, pre-sliced Italian bread

Homemade Animal-Free Butter

fresh sliced tomato

4 Yves Veggie Deli Ham slices

sweet red roasted peppers, Mancini makes a thicker pepper which is great for sandwiches

prepared yellow mustard

fresh ground black pepper

Spread 3 slices bread thinly with soft animal-free butter.

Cover first slice with tomato slices.

Place 4 deli ham slices on second slice of bread.

Top ham with sweet red roasted peppers.

Squirt mustard on top of peppers.

Sprinkle fresh ground pepper on tomatoes.

Lift bread with ham and peppers and place on top of first slice of bread with the tomatoes without flipping it.

Place third slice of bread, butter side down on top.

Cut and serve.

Notes: This is Steve’s everyday sandwich, the one he makes when he’s hungry NOW! He used to eat two. Now that he’s dieting, he only eats one–but it is a triple-decker. ‘No pain, no gain’. Why suffer not to gain weight?

Sharon’s Animal-Free Butter recipe link


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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